Detox Cleanse

The full body detox plan includes colon cleansing by coffee enema (using Gerson Approved Detox Kits), accompanied by the trendy and very successful juicing diet.

Especially relevant to the programme is the core which consists of seven coffee enema treatments. The enema cleanses your Liver, rids your Colon of disease-causing mucoid plaque and HIGHLY improves the functioning of all major organs in the body. Intensive coffee enema treatments can lead to an electrolyte imbalance. To counter this a juicing diet is highly recommended. Most noteworthy is that juicing is the quickest natural way for the body to absorb nutrients. Furthermore a detox diet plan is available to keep you on track with reaching your perfect health goals.

More about the Remarkable Healing Power of Detoxing:

Hannah Viviers has many accolades and titles under her belt, perhaps the one she enjoys most is ‘Mom’, a title she would not enjoy had it not been for the Power of Detox.

7 Years ago Hannah discovered the Power of Detoxing her body and eating the right foods. Before this she’d battled infertility, various other symptoms as a result of the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) she’d been diagnosed with, stubborn excess weight and chronic digestive problems that landed her in the Hospital Emergency Room twice!

When Hannah was told by doctors that she’d probably need to be on chronic medication for the rest of her life, she was determined to NOT make that her reality. She knew they had to be a cure for what she had. There was! Detoxing.

Hannah detoxed her body for an entire month. During that time all the digestive problems she’d suffered from were cured!

Three months after her detox, Hannah fell pregnant! Naturally. This after years of expensive fertility rounds that had failed. She now has three gorgeous children.

Seeing what detoxing her body had done for her, Hannah hoped to share what she’d learned with others. However the REAL push to actually do this came when her husband Rico got very ill from aggressive stomach and chest infections. After a week of antibiotics, Rico’s condition only grew worse. Hannah encouraged him to try out her detox program. He did. Within days of being on her detox program, Rico began to show significant improvement. As his body detox progressed he also DRASTICALLY decreased his dependency on chronic medication for asthma and reflux. PLUS he lost 4 kilos in just one week!

Seeing her husband heal and drastically decrease his chronic medication dosages, Hannah knew she had to share her knowledge with more people. And so begun her Body Detox Campaign.

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