What if you started?

I have tremendous ideas running through my head pretty much all the time- you probably do too.

How much does that mean if we do nothing about those great ideas? Nothing. Absolutely nada.

Starting is important- the “right time” Never comes. Never.

Years ago I remember a dear friend of mine – let’s call her Tembisa… anyway she started her MBA while pregnant.

“Are you mad!” I asked. “Don’t you want to wait a little?” I blurted in absolute panic for her.

And her response to me was: “There’s always something Hannah. If I don’t start now…”

Oh well the rest is history… She has her MBA now- has great jobs and gigs… She’s kicking serious butt wherever she goes not just because she got her MBA when she did – but because the successes she enjoys today are a result of a series of things she started years ago.

The problem with “waiting a little” is that time compounds.

You wait one day – then a week – then a year… before you know it ten years have passed. Before you  know it you’ve waited too long and your whole life has passed.

The time dear friend is now.

I have two small kids – Luke turns two next month – Sky’s just over the three month mark…

Before I continue I must apologise profusely for a silly thing I wrote on my blog mommy24.com. At the time I mentioned how NOT hard being a mom was… To all moms, especially stay at home moms – please do forgive me. There isn’t a harder job I’ve ever done than being home with the kids…

And now I can continue…

So even with my two kids (who I feel drain so much of my productive energy) I am eager to not let my great ideas just swim around my head, go stale and eventually die.

That’s why I work at staying connected on this blog – I enjoy this so much – and sometimes I have to write in the crux of midnight because I don’t want this part of my life to go stale –

Some of my dreams and ambitions are far too big for what I have to make them happen right now – but I’m starting anyway – even if I start small and in a seemingly pathetic way – I’m starting.

Even though fear and the prospect of failure lie very real and taunting in front of me -I’m starting – not because I’m certain I’ll succeed but because I know the mythical “right time” most wait for is just that- a myth.

Also, other than the issue of the “right time”, you might never have “everything” you need to make it happen. Whatever “it”  is for you.

The question is not: Are you completely ready and equipped to achieve what you dream?

The question is: Are you ready to go for it?

And the question after that is: How can you use whatever you have right now to start?

No great corporation, business, movement, or project ever started out big. Not a single one in all of history. Go and check…

Everything that ever started, started out small. And sometimes struggling. And sometimes seeming as though it would never make it. But some did  make it- because they stuck with it. Because they allowed the power of what they envisioned to conquer the naysayers and everything else that sought to bury them in the ground. It all happened for them because one day they started.

You have got to stop just dreaming. Do something -even if it’s just one tiny, intsy wintsy thing like making a phone call- or logging onto Google for some info – or dropping someone an email to pick their brain about your idea – do something. There isn’t one thing you do that won’t matter. The stuff that fails you can pack on the shelf of experience and move on.

You may be dreaming big but I can almost guarantee that you don’t really know the fullness of what you could accomplish if you just start, keep going and make it happen.

If you do nothing else today, or this week or this month- I hope you’ll at the very least start.

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