Do you have a BIG Dream that, for you, that dream not coming true isn’t an option?
That’s how I felt about having kids when I was told, especially by my body, that I was not going to have kids. To me, that was not an option.

Today, years after that Beautiful testimony (I now have three amazing kids) I find myself in deep desire for another BIG dream to come true. One that right now seems seemingly impossible. But that’s the thing about learning, you’re taught to replicate success.

I was speaking to a new detox client the other day who’d been told some scary things concerning her fertility. I got so impassioned when I heard her story I was virtually in tears as I told her that even before we could work together, we had to start by uprooting the fear that had been instilled in her!

I recommend all my clients to read my book Detoxxed even before they start on my detox program because I know it will ignite their Believe, and when that happens, anything is possible.

“Detoxxed” is my story from “Sorry you can’t have kids” to having three beautiful children I conceived naturally and carried to full term. To God be all the glory because it is His Love and Guiding hand that led me to my Breakthrough. Through my book “Detoxxed” I share that Breakthrough now with you. You can read the first chapter of “Detoxxed” for free Here:

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