All In!

When I was battling to have children there came a point in my life when God was all I had left.
I knew He would have to come through for me or I’d never have kids.
Fertility rounds failed.
So I ditched all the fertility treatments- everything- and chose to trust God. All or nothing!

I believed with everything in me that I was meant to be a mom. And so against all evidence that it would happen I would rub my belly and speak to the baby I believed I was carrying inside me. I would write to this baby. I even went out and bought clothes for my baby- because I knew I would have the children I wanted.
Eventually I did. Naturally. Well Supernaturally is more accurate.

As I trust God for other dreams I know this for sure- it’s not enough to just want. Everybody can want. To get we have to get all in. And “all in” means we need to dwell in the place that we’re believing to get to.
I was already acting like a mom and preparing for my babies long before there was any sign they would come. Now I have two beautiful children- bless God.

In our minds we need to create the reality we want to experience.
And we need to fight for these desires even when we look ridiculous.

Once while I was still trusting God for my baby I was sick and needed x-rays.
I refused the procedure because I felt the x-rays would be harmful to my baby.
As I walked out the doctor thought me crazy because he didn’t believe there was a baby to protect but I was dwelling in the reality I wanted to see happen.
It turned out I wasn’t pregnant that time but still I believed.

Months later we were in a 4X4 on tremendously rough terrains.
I half stood in the vehicle because I didn’t want the impact to hurt my baby.
There were NO signs of pregnancy- but I believed.
A few weeks after that 4X4 adventure I found out I was a few weeks pregnant!

Prior to this some folks had told me that: “Some people are just not meant to have kids”. I rejected that instantly because God in the Scriptures said “be fruitful and multiply.” Nowhere did He say “Be fruitful and multiply… oh except Hannah.”
You have not been excluded from ANY of God’s blessings.

It doesn’t matter how crazy you seem when you go all in- the real question is how badly do you want to experience your dream?

It’s not up to God- God has already blessed you with everything you will ever need- It’s ALL up to you.
Will you 1. Believe? and 2. Act on your belief?

Below are the children I was “never supposed to have”…

I didn’t just get kids- I got amazingly gorgeous and spectacular children.
Dare to go all in!

My miracle baby Luke
My miracle baby Luke

My love baby Sky
My love baby Sky


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