Knowing when it’s over

It’s perhaps one of the most underutilised principles of life. And many suffer for it.

So this morning one of my deo cans ran out – I was surprised by how quickly I trashed it.

Often I’m the person who’ll hang onto empty deo and perfume bottles – or turn lotion tubes upside down in the hope of squeezing out one last ounce – I do this in the kitchen too not wanting to waste a single drop of product…

But trashing that empty can today – that was a milestone for me. It was proof that (finally) I’m learning to accept when things have come to an end. And more importantly when and how to move on.

You got that from an empty deo can! You’d ask. Yep. Life is always teaching if we choose to learn.

I’ve milked cows that have long stopped producing and (please animal lovers don’t crucify me for this one) but at times continued to milk long after the cows were dead. This is even worse than crying over spilt milk. Far worse.

Accepting when a cow has stopped producing and/or recognizing the cow is dying (or dead!) is a reality that is at times terrifying to acknowledge. The alternative though is far worse.

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