No more Desert!


I hardly. Ever. Linger on Twitter– but on this particular day- I did.

As I scrolled down I saw a tweet on the Bible Verse: “Be strong and Courageous…” from Joshua 1:9.

But then, I thought, the way I remembered that Scripture was it saying, “Be strong and very courageous…”

Turns out both are right. From different parts of the Scriptures. “…very courageous” is from Joshua 1:7.

So why would God repeat this call to courage to Joshua?

In this scene, Moses has just died. Joshua is now leader of the children of Israel.

It’s been forty years since Joshua had seen the Promised Land.

Half his life he’d wandered the desert; wondering when, oh when, would this dry, uncertain season of their lives end?

Joshua had never wavered in his trust in God.

The first time he’d seen the Promised Land, he was forty.

He was one of the 12 spies who’d been sent to check out this Land that God had promised them.

Joshua and his buddy Caleb came back excited. “Oh my!” They must’ve gasped.

“Wait till YOU see what God has in store for us!”

Yet the other ten spies who’d been with Joshua and Caleb are said to have conjured fear in the people- Telling them of the massive giants that would surely annihilate them should they even think of moving in!

But Joshua and Caleb weren’t worried about the giants.

In fact, from how I understand the Scriptures,  I’m convinced that these two men were so focused on God- so full of faith and gratitude for all they’d seen God do for them in the desert that they didn’t think, Hey those are some mighty big giants!

No! I think Joshua and Caleb were thinking:

“Our God is BIGGER!”

But, try as they might, Joshua and Caleb couldn’t sway the people. And despite all God had done for them in the desert- the people chose to turn away from God’s Promise. And returned to the desert.

So now, when God tells Joshua to, “…be very courageous…” forty years have passed since Joshua first set foot on God’s promise.

This time Joshua was not turning back.

He was going to go after everything God had for him!

He’d missed it once.

He was not going to miss it again!

Joshua is faced with one of the biggest battles of his life. God’s promise is right there- so within his reach. But it’s one thing for God to give it, it’s another for Joshua to possess!

Oh the abundance God’s given us!

I know and I know that there are people reading this who know this message is meant for you- at this time- in this season.

You’re so close!

Don’t turn back because it seems hard.

Or impossible!

And don’t turn from your dream just because the people around you are afraid.

It is Your dream. You stir up the courage You need to make it happen!

God would never have called you to this if He hadn’t known for absolutely sure that you could possess it!

If you turn back now, what awaits you?

For Joshua it was desert. What is it for you?

Don’t waste more time in the desert- this is your time to enjoy the abundance you heard God promise You!

It won’t be easy.

But it will be worth it.

God says, “Only be strong and very courageous…”

God has already given it to You! But you’re going to have to move in! And possess!

You can’t just pray about it. You can’t just declare it. You can’t just believe and “claim” it. You’re going to have to be strong. You’re going to have to show courage through your actions.

God’s promise to you is right there! This is your time to possess it!

“Only be strong and very courageous…”

I send You Love,


Hannah Viviers is the Host and Creator of the Dream BIG TV Show

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