What can I expect from Your Detox Program?

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We see the great looking food- what we DON’T see is what all the junk we’re eating is doing to our bodies!

Work with me for just 30 Days to get YOU Healthier!

My detox plan focuses on two things:

1. Removing existing toxins from the body (including the targeting of
mucoid plaque), and vastly improving liver function. (Detoxification is one
of the major functions of the liver).
There are some people who claim mucoid plaque is a myth- and yet I saw it
come out of my own body! I’ve also seen it in huge amounts from other
people who’ve taken my detox enema- the stuff is real.

And when it’s present in our bodies it’s like having a never ending well of
poison constantly operating in our bodies.

I’m not one for scare tactics but listen to this: one doctor had this to
say about mucoid plaque he’d found in his post-mortem examinations of

“Of the 22,000 operations that I have personally performed, I have never
found a single normal colon. Of the 100,000 that were performed under my
jurisdiction, not over 6% were normal.”

Hippocrates, the man believed to be the father of modern medicine, believed

“All disease begins in the gut.”

Simply put, our gut is our stomach.

Could it be no wonder then that so many people are ill? Or that we struggle
with hormonal issues and stubborn weight-gain?

Looking back over the years, at my own journey, I’ve personally found this
to be true.

The effective cleansing of my gut (stomach) cured years of stomach problems (that landed me in the ER twice) and cured my battle with infertility.

In the time I’ve been sharing my gut cleansing techniques and knowledge
it’s been remarkable to see people experience AMAZING results just by
cleansing their stomach!

Once, I saw a medical doctor on TV saying, having only one bowel movement
every 7 days was normal-

I am not a doctor but c’mon people- that makes NO sense!

If a person ate 3 times a day, typically, they would’ve consumed at least
21 meals in 7 days!

Are you telling me that it’s “OK” for ALL that food to be in the body for a whole 7 days?!

We know that after some time food goes OFF. Even when it’s in the fridge.

Our bodies are far warmer than fridges- so pray tell good doctor- what is
happening to that food, sitting inside us after being there 7 days? Or

The same thing that happens to food in warm, moist conditions- it rots.

And that’s precisely one of the ways mucoid plaque forms:

rotten food the body fails to eliminate.

One nutritional advisor wrote:
“It’s normal to eliminate two or more times per day. Transit time, the
period between food *in* and waste *out*, should be less than 24 hours.

This means that only two or three meals should be in transit throughout the
digestive tract at a time.

Today’s breakfast IN pushes yesterday’s breakfast or lunch OUT.

Toxic fecal matter is supposed to *totally *leave the body in one day, not
hang around to toxify. That’s the design.

Many people though have been brought up to think that it’s normal to
eliminate only once every two or three days. Or even longer!

That means they are storing NINE meals or more in the tract at all times.

The waste from NINE meals or more is always inside them.

The problem is that the longer the food is in the colon, the more it begins
to rot and toxify the body.”

This nutritional adviser went on to describe mucoid plaque as:

“…rubbery layers of mucous and rotting food which compact themselves year after year along the digestive tract.”

Remember mucoid plaque is believed to be the leading cause of disease, showing in symptoms such as chronic illnesses, stubborn excess weight, constant fatigue, lack of energy and infertility.

I’m not saying you’ve definitely got mucoid plaque in you- but many people do. And if you happen to it could explain some of the symptoms you may be struggling with.

After YEARS of expensive fertility rounds, battling with various other PCOS symptoms, five years of battling with terrible stomach problems, depression and all the things I suffered as a result- when I saw the mucoid plaque that came out of my body- I cried.

I couldn’t believe that I’d been carrying such filth in my body all that


To this day, every single time I remember that moment I saw plaque come out
of my own body, I get very emotional. Because I could’ve died. No jokes!

That stuff was a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode!

I don’t know what terrible diseases it would’ve caused! But thank God I
got it out and that’s why I’m so super passionate about helping others do
the same.

OK… back to what my body detox plan focuses on:

2. The second, and equally important part of the process, is proper nutrition.

Through working with people by focusing on the removal of toxins and
flooding their bodies with wonderful nutrition packed foods, I’ve seen
significant improvement in chronic illnesses and discomforts such as
asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic reflux, aggressive skin
conditions, reproductive system problems (including curing my own
infertility) and even seen remarkable healthy weight loss.

My detox program is based on the belief that our bodies are incredibly designed. And given the right tools they can restore, rebuild and self-heal.

Hippocrates believed this too and is reported to have built his approach to
treating disease on his conviction that:

the focus of medical treatment had
to be enabling the human body’s natural resistance to prevail and overcome disease.

I’m not a doctor and I’m very clear that my recommendations should never be
replaced with medical advice.

But over the years I’ve seen the power of the tools I recommend.

Hippocrates himself is reported to have used diet, massage, exercise, sea baths and hydrotherapy to treat various illnesses.

While my detox plan shows how to use hydrotherapy, during the detox period
I recommend detox enemas instead.

Detox Enema have been scientifically proven to be
far more effective in eliminating built up plaque in the colon, which is
believed by many in natural medicine to be the leading cause of disease.

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Some nutrition practitioners attribute over 90% of disease to colon plaque
and compromised digestive function.

If we were to reverse that statement, could it be, that 90% of disease
could be cured or significantly improved by restoring colon health?

The difference between Hydrotherapy and Detox Enemas:

Hydrotherapy washes out fecal matter from the colon but it does not remove
plaque build-up. Neither does it do much for liver function which is
essential for effective detoxification.

Detox enemas on the other hand do what hydrotherapy does i.e. cleanse the
colon; PLUS they target mucoid plaque built up in the colon AND
significantly increase the function of the liver to rid our bodies of
harmful, disease-causing substances.

While I cannot guarantee the results you seek, from people I’ve worked with
so far, we’ve seen a significant improvement in their ailments, as well as
healthy weight loss (between 3.5 kilos-5 kilos) within the first 7 days of the
detox program!

*With regard to weight loss, individuals are different so I cannot say for
sure what your experience would be.*

One of the things I see regularly is people losing an entire kilo or more
after just one detox enema!

It shows how much compacted waste people are carrying around in their

It’s no wonder we see so many health problems!

How can we not be sick? or not feel rubbish when we’re walking around with
that much garbage in us?

With our digestive systems that contaminated it’s virtually impossible
for them to function properly!

Through my detox program we work to help the body get rid of all that
rubbish and RE-SET it back to functioning optimally again.

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