The Secret to Breakthrough

For the Believer, The secret to Breakthrough is quite simple- God is our Breakthrough.

God is not a one-hit wonder. We sometimes forget that.

There are seasons when we experience tremendous Breakthrough- We witness God’s Supernatural on our lives first hand but as time passes we’re bombarded with explanations and reasons for the breakthrough we received.

Soon we forget that what happened to and for us was Nothing short of a miracle.

Moses warned the Children of Israel to not forget their God when they got to the Promised Land. Sometimes we, like they did, get to the Promised Land and forget Who got us there.

The problem is not that God’s desperate for our praise- even The Rocks will praise Him if we don’t. Through The Scriptures we realise that what is superbly clear is God’s not starved for Praise.

He has No hang ups about how Awesome He is and contrary to popular belief, He’s does  not exist for our adoration. He doesn’t “need” our praises or our worship of Him. God is Joyful and utterly Complete in Who He is.

He doesn’t need a song or a shout from us to solidify His Position as the Almighty and Absolutely Sovereign God- No dear friend, God’s concern about us forgetting Him is not for Himself- it’s for us.

He’s concerned that if we forget that it was Him Who parted our Seas and fed us in the empty desert, our hearts will be hardened.

God’s concerned that if we forget that it was through Him that we received Breakthrough and Supernatural Provision, then what will happen next time we’re faced with giants and deserts again? And there will be a next time.

Nay my brother,  my sister, for the Believer the Secret to Breakthrough has been revealed to us through the Person of Jesus.

Let’s not forget Who our promotion comes from. Let’s not forget Who our Help comes from. Let’s Not forget Where our Breakthrough actually originates.

I send You His Powerful Love.

– Hannah

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