When God’s Children Live BIG

Imagine a world where, we, the Children of God live out the supernatural in us and operate in that mode in absolutely everything we do.

What would our families look like if we parented that way?

What would or jobs look like if we worked that way?

What would our businesses look like if we operated them that way? As Children of God who are filled with the Might and Power of the Holy Spirit- the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead!

Imagine if that showed up in everything we did?

That’s a mind blowing concept for me!

Mind blowing because I want to live and work like that. And even more mind-blowing because just imagine what our lives and impact would be if we all did that?

I believe that’s the heart of the Father. That His children reveal who they are in Him.

That we release His supernatural wherever we go. That we’d be dripping with His Healing, and Love, Compassion and Ingenuity, Wisdom and Excellence, Abundance and Joy. The list is endless!

Romans 8:19

For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.

Creation is waiting for us, you and me, to show who we are in this amazing God we confess. Creation wouldn’t be waiting if it was impossible for us to do.


 PS It’s Uber radical but I had to share it! Here Goes!

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