Guy says: “I’m not ready for a relationship.”

Girl hears: I might not be ready for a relationship- but you’re so awesome You might change me.
What Guy actually means: I want sex not commitment.

Guy (in serious relationship making advances on another woman) says: “It’s complicated.”
Other woman hears: You can save me. Please save me!
What Guy actually means: I want sex from you- BUT I’m NOT leaving my woman for you.

Guy says: “I think you’re great but I’m so busy I can’t spend that much time with you right now.”
Girl hears: I’m busy for now- but soon I’ll make it all about You! We’ll spend loads of time together and get married and have kids and I’ll buy you your dream house…
What Guy actually means: I want sex not commitment.

Guy says: “I’m not really ready to “settle down” yet.
Girl hears: But I will be soon. With You.
What Guy actually means: I want the milk not the cow.


Guys says: “So sorry I can only come this late at night coz I’m SO busy during the day!”

Girl hears: I love You. I want to be with you- I wish there were more hours in the day! But I’m here now. Did I mention I love You?

What Guy actually means: You’re my booty call. Period.

Guy says: “I just need a little space to sort some stuff out.”
Girl hears: I just need to sort out a few things. When it’s all sorted I’ll come back perfect and love you forever!
What Guy actually means: Yeah, I’d really like to move on. From You.

Moral of the story: Know the Code
Second Moral: When a Man Loves a Woman he says what he means and means what he says.

HEADS UP: Good Guys DO exist

Decoding the guy code


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show.

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