Doing something that matters Matters

So my all time favourite blogger Seth Godin speaks A LOT about changing the status quo.

He talks about how the world has changed and to a very large extent how people need to change the way they act, react and interact particularly when it comes to business.

If I could sum up the main theme that run’s through most of Seth’s work –  it’s this: doing something that matters Matters.

And it does. Doesn’t it?

Gone are the days when we, as consumers, just take on whatever we’re given.

I think more and more people are being nudged to the reality that we don’t have forever on this earth. Time is so precious. And as we care more for our time we are becoming increasingly stingy about how we spend it.

What does this mean for you if you’re in business? It means you can no longer rely (only) on creating a product that’s aimed at bringing in the cash. It means you need to truly think about what really matters. What do people need to connect with? Can you fill that need? And how will you achieve that? With compassion or with the arrogance that you’re super at what you do?

What matters to people?

My next blog will be about how passion alone isn’t enough when it comes to business.

It takes more than just passion to create an empire.

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