The Dream BIG Dream

So this week we reached quite a milestone on our Dream BIG TV Show project.

We’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved in this short time and so excited about this assignment we’ve been entrusted with.

For those who may not have a clue what I’m raving about…

Dream BIG is TV show that seeks out remarkable stories of individuals who’ve overcome insane odds and made a success of their lives.

So if you have people who make your eyes tear up because they’re just so AWESOME and they truly inspire you- give us a shout so we can bring them on the show.

Our aim is to create a platform for such people to reach an even wider audience- so if they’ve inspired you- chances are they’ll inspire so many more people.

Do check out some of the incredible people we’ve posted videos for so far:

Rwandan genocide survivor turned successful entrepreneur: Maxime Mugabe. (Click here to check his story out)

Jennifer Swanepoel an incredible story of a teen mom who years later (other than been an awesome mom) has started a Teen Pregnancy Crisis Centre to empower young moms who find themselves in the same place she was in 17 years ago. (Click here for her story.)

William Jimerson, who despite being born to a single mom in a tough environment in the States, with all the challenges facing young African-American men- beat the odds- and now owns one of the most influential financial firms in Africa. (For his story click here)

Alan Knott-Craig (III) Jnr who after his many tremendous exploits in business found himself ousted out of an empire he created- but bounced back and is now working hard to provide free Wi-Fi for communities that need it most in Africa. His belief: Knowledge is power- and what’s more powerful than the internet and technology? (You can see his story here)

Elungile Mzimba– She was our very first interview. A powerful, amazing woman, who is changing lives and entire communities in some of the most rural areas of the Eastern Cape.

Her project inspires kids in school to dream. Just by being empowered to dreamagain these young people are changing the course of their lives. (For her inspiring story click here)

So please join the Dream BIG dream- tell us of the incredible people you’ve come across- and if that incredible person is You- please let us know- there’s a whole world waiting to hear your wonderful journey.

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