The prayers I’m GLAD God didn’t answer

My heart was shattered many many times.
Oftentimes it left me feeling so stupid and ugly- and I’d ask myself: “What is wrong with me!”
Oh all the times I lost my dignity chasing after men I’d given my heart to- with each heartbreak I felt as though I’d died a little.

One heartbreak came at a time I didn’t think I could bear anymore pain and disappointment- I was heavily wounded- so when this heartbreak came I thought it would surely kill me-
I remember my mom showing me a map of the world and her saying: “Hannah there are over 9 BILLION people on the planet! 9 BILLION! You cannot tell me that out of ALL these people God would fail to give you just one amazing man!”

But still I wept, and still I pined- Breathing was hard. I cried all the time because I felt horribly empty inside- like someone had just taken the most precious parts of me- chewed them and spat them out on a rotting rubbish heap.

And then…
And then I met a man who made me feel as though his entire life belonged to just me- He made me feel as though his life’s purpose was to build me a castle with his very own hands-
When I was with him he made me feel as though every breath he breathed was just for me!
In him I felt more beautiful than I ever had- In him God showed me the kind of woman He had created and had always believed I was.

Whenever I think of my Guy and how utterly Blessed I am to have him- I thank God He protected me.

I thank God for not answering my desperate prayers to bring back men who would, most probably, have imprisoned me to a lifetime of misery.

I would not be the woman I am today had I married anyone else but My Guy- my Bestest Friend in all the world!

I would not have achieved what I have without my husband- I would not be living my most incredible dreams if my husband weren’t the fuel in my engine that makes me go.
He is my most wonderfully wise mentor- the one who keeps reminding me that in God I am absolutely forgiven-
His utter belief in me compels me to Dream OUTRAGEOUSLY and really REALLY BIG!
It is him who keeps telling me how needed my input is in this world…

For every girl (or guy) going through heartbreak- Please know your story is not over.

God wants to shower you with the most amazing romance you’ve ever known.
It may come when you least expect it- but it will come.

My prayer for you is that you would nurture the really great guys- the ones who will inspire in you the greatness you truly are. Anyone who is not that I pray you would have the strength to let go.


– Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of theĀ Dream BIG TV Show

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