God’s List

Perched on a tree branch, two birds were observing passers-by rushing from one place to another.

Looking at their faces, one bird asked the other, “Why is man so full of worries and cares?”

The other bird answered, “Maybe they don’t have a heavenly Father like we do.”

–          Taken From the  Destined to Reign Devotional by Joseph Prince.


Really people, we’re going to have birds  think we don’t have a heavenly Father!

This past week was a tremendous struggle for me. Worrying. Then worrying some more. Then worrying that I’m worrying… Then worrying that I’m weak and don’t have the kind of faith I should… Then worrying that how come I was hearing all these incredible Scriptures about God’s love for me and yet… And yet the circumstances causing my anxiety were not changing… eventually the worry was the worry… Ever had those cycles?

Here’s what I’ve found out though- God will not take away your worry or your anxiety. You have to make a decision to focus on God’s goodness. That will take away the anxiety.

Note the Scriptures don’t say: “Pray that you won’t be anxious.” or “Pray that God will take away the anxiety.” The Scriptures say: “Be anxious for nothing…”

A dear friend of mine (let’s call her Mercy), had heard beautiful promises from God that sounded far too good to be true. She was having a real hard time believing these awesome promises- and she told God so.

His response to her was that He didn’t blame her because our lives and the entire world system is so anti-believing God’s insane, scandalous, goodness.

But it’s up to us, once we’ve heard the promises, to believe.

It’s up to us to break away from the world’s belief system and feed ourselves with God’s system.

Faith comes by hearing. What we choose to listen to is what will grow in our lives.

If you choose to focus on the all the negatives and immerse yourself in piles upon atrocious piles of things that are not God’s best for you- you will believe your life is rubbish, you will believe you’re doomed and there is no hope and you will drown. You will.

You don’t have  to listen to news about murders and rapes and corruption- so much anxiety left me when I stopped listening to the news. Especially local South African news.

You being aware of as many atrocities as the media can stuff you with does not improve your life- it increases your fear and breeds it.

Instead of filling your heart and mind with negativity and dread, listen to uplifting programs like my show Dream BIG where you can hear amazing stories of people who have overcome insane challenges. And in this same world you live in that so many keep saying is rotten and constantly deteriorating, these people are not only living their wonderful dreams but they’re impacting the lives of others too!

Dread or inspiration? It’s our choice every single moment of every single day.

You don’t have to worry that you and your family will be consumed in this massive hurricane of doom. God’s Grace is, I believe, pouring out more than ever before too.

Will you join the mad crowd that’s sinking- or will you join the joyous crowd that is coming into the amazing truth and knowledge of this God who is far, far, FAR too good to be true?

Instead of seething on your way to work because you’ve got your radio turned on and you’re listening to how atrocious things are- get yourself some awesome teachings by people like Andrew Wommack and Joseph Prince who will share with you the amazing gospel- that when God looked at His only Perfect and wonderful Son and then He looked at you and had to decide who He would spare- He chose to spare you! Yeah people God’s love for us is that crazy!

I’m learning from people like Andrew Wommack that for crying out loud  stop begging God for what He has ALREADY given you!

He’s given you EVERYTHING you will ever need to get through this life. And not only to “get through” but to thrive- A LOT.

Every desire in your heart for your success, for your family’s success, for the dreams in your heart to impact people with your passion and love- God has provided for it all- all you have to do is tap into that abundance and live it!

As I sat in fellowship this week my heart weary and so full of dread for what lay ahead- as we entered into singing our worship I struggled- I struggled to sing about how awesome God was- I struggled to enjoy what everyone around me seemed to just be falling into- and I told God- Father I know your heart for me- help me believe it!

Because I knew the futility of praying: “Oh God please bless me.” or “Oh God please deliver me and fix my situation.”

Because I have come to know that God has  blessed me. He has delivered me. He has  fixed every situation I will ever face. So what do I pray now?

There is no shame in praying: “Help thou my unbelief.”

It’s a sincere prayer that I’ve seen God honour every single time over the years.

God is not mad at you when you struggle with unbelief.

He honours your desire to believe and He will lead you to Word that will help you believe.

So when I shared openly with God what He already knew about my wavering faith- I was hit by wave upon wave of reminders of how I was already  blessed. I didn’t have to push for those blessings they were already there.

I can’t describe in full what happened… it was like being catapulted to a whole new level of thinking.

Friend, God loves You.

You do  have a heavenly Father.

I started out this post with “God’s list” because I thought of the Forbes’ Fortune 100 List.

It’s a list of the wealthiest people all over the world.

The world looks at people on the list and we reckon those people have “arrived.”

You, as a child of the Most High, are on an even more spectacular list! You dear friend are on God’s list.

You are wealthier in every sense of the word than you can even begin to imagine.

Your family life is blessed, your relationships with people are blessed, everything you touch is blessed, your finances are blessed, your health is blessed- and as Joseph Prince shared in the devotional I read today- even your pets are blessed!

If like me you’ve been feeling “But where are these awesome blessings?!”

I urge you dear friend to embark on a quest to re-program your thinking and to start believing and thinking right.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you- don’t inspect yourself- inspect Jesus. Look at you as He sees you.

I’m currently listening to Andrew Wommack’s teaching We’re already blessed. (For this MP3 teaching click here)

YES! It’s HECTIC scandalous! But it’s true.

God is  far too good to be true.

If He were as mediocre as many of us have been led to believe- and if He wasn’t so INSANE in His generosity and MAD affection for us- He wouldn’t be God- He would be me or you…

So dare to believe in His mad, crazy, insane, BIGGER than BIG provision, care, abundance and love for you-

And friend, in fact you’re not just “on” God’s list, you’re IN His list.

If you’re “on” a list, you can be taken off it too- as many of the Fortune 100 people know and have experienced.

But when you’re in a list, you’re IN it! You’re a part of that list- you are SO integrated in that list that you CANNOT be removed!

Now that you know you’re in (and I mean IN) God’s list- what you gonna do?

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