My friend Jennifer Swanepoel has an amazing story.

Her life journey has been one of determination, tremendous courage, tenacity and a true testimony to the transforming power of love.

We recently had Jennifer on our Dream BIG TV Show.

I’ve known Jennifer for years and yet each time I’ve watched her interview I’ve been catapulted to a new level of deep respect and admiration for the woman she is.

Other than her incredible story, we’d brought Jennifer on Dream BIG because of, Gemstones, a Teen Pregnancy Crisis Centre she recently started.

Gemstones was birthed out of Jen’s own experience as a teen mom.

Her heart is to equip young women who find themselves in the same situation she was in seventeen years ago with the tools to overcome the adversities they face.

Jennifer believes that, even with the tremendous challenges that come with being a teen mom, these young women can still mould beautiful lives, first for themselves and by extension, their babies- should they choose to keep them. She knows first hand how possible this is because she did just that.

So often we make it out of extremely trying circumstances… and we manage to build something good and solid out of what we went through.

It’s not often though that those who make it go back to help those who are still struggling in areas the successful have managed to overcome.

Jen has a pretty good life now. After fighting all she had to fight to get to where she is- she’s comfortable now- but she’s choosing to go back into the battlefield to empower young girls who may not have the strength to find their own way.

Dream BIG is about people telling their own remarkable stories.

I can say much about Jennifer but I believe you’ll prefer hearing her tell her own story.

You can watch Jennifer on Dream BIG here.



They’re still a few tickets left for the launch of Gemstones on November 30.

All proceeds from this event go to educating two young moms already in the Gemstones program.

I’ll be hosting a table at the event- we look forward to seeing you there.


Gemstones Invite

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