The beauty of letting go

What an awesome start to 2014 it’s been!

January was a month of reconnection for me.

Reconnecting with myself, re-aligning with the true nature of my existence, remembering what life is all about and perhaps one of the most deepest realisations: realising how super fast my kids are growing and how essential it is for me to not miss this awesome stage in their lives.

Reconnecting has meant choosing to deeply seek God’s true purpose for my life and choosing to let go when need be to make room for the awesome plans He has for me.

Reconnecting has meant searching to truly know how loved I am- and not being afraid to look into my own fears and challenge some damaging beliefs I have of myself.

Reconnecting has required some grown-up decisions and most times stepping out of my comfort zone and doing the necessary rather than the comfortable.

Some of the things that have been brought to my attention about myself haven’t been great but they’ve been revealed to me in a beautiful, non-condemning, way that assures me that change is good. And that change will take me to a whole new level of wonder if I can just let go: Let go of my preconceptions, let go of unhealthy misconceptions, let go of crutches, let go of security blankets, let go of things that ultimately don’t resonate with where I’m going…

I believe this kind of deep re-connection is not meant for one season in our lives- I believe it continues to be such an important ingredient in the entire journey of life.

Letting go has sometimes been difficult because most times I’ve been concerned about what I’m losing.

But I’m finding that when the letting go is in line with the deep, beautiful, wholesome desires in my heart- I discover blessings that had been closed to me because of the room those things I was holding onto were taking.

I’m finding I’m powerful. And I’m able. And I’m confronting things that once terrified me.

I’m doing things I never thought I could do.

I’m discovering that most times fear is just a feeling. It’s hardly ever a true representation of what’s actually happening.

When we hear: “Let Go” we’re usually afraid. Let Go  oftentimes terrifies us because we don’t know what’s on the other side of it. I can tell you that if it’s God telling you to let go then on the other side wait freedom, liberty like you’ve never known, healing, wholeness, a deep experience of love and tremendous blessings.

If you can let go and step out in faith you will discover the beauty of this liberating act.

Most times reconnecting with where I should be has meant letting go of where I am.

Reconnecting with dreams and desires has sometimes meant jumping ships I’ve been sailing on.

Letting go is only hard when we argue.

When we trust, and just plunge into the cool, blue, water of refreshing, letting go is wonderful.

So while I continue to reconnect, and continue to open myself up to letting go, I’m finding that the driver in all this connection is love. So here’s to February, the month of love.

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