One Life…

As my husband and I were speaking about the upcoming The Beautiful Series Event he said, “Even if it’s just one life that’s changed-“

You know the saying right?

Even if it’s just one life that’s impacted- changed- saved- then it’s worth it…

I looked at my husband and said: “No Babe! I’m expecting God for more than just ‘one life’!”

In that moment- that really was how I felt- That sometimes we ask for too little- we’re satisfied with just one life… when we could be expecting far more!

It sounds great doesn’t it?

But today I was looking at this pic…​

This is baby Siphokasi.

She was born just a few weeks ago. She is one life…

You might remember my friend Jennifer Swanepoel who’d started Gemstones Teen Pregnancy Crisis Centre.

She moved to Durban a short while ago to follow God’s call on her heart to empower and equip young women who find themselves pregnant, scared and alone.

Many turn to abortion

completely overwhelmed by this massive change in their lives-

There are so many reasons.

Reasons why so many of our girls, who are still babies themselves, get pregnant.

What I’ve learned from Jennifer is it’s easy to judge when we don’t know the back stories- or when we haven’t had to face what the majority of these young girls do…

Part of Jennifer’s ministry includes providing these young women with options other than terminating their pregnancies.

And for young mommies who still decide to end their pregnancies, Jennifer continues to walk with them in love saying, “They will need someone to walk that journey with them- because it can be very very lonely.”

Jennifer was in Jo’burg recently.

During our visit, she shared with me the incredible things God’s doing in her ministry and the ministries of other women in the hospital and surrounding areas she works.

Can you believe! That the official stats from the hospital Jen ministers at show that there’s been a significant drop in abortions since Jen started counseling there!

Jen has an incredible story of her own! You can find it here (and watch it when you have some time).

Part of her story was being pregnant at 16

with no support, no home and no way of looking after the little guy she was carrying.

That little guy is now a handsome, HUGELY talented, young man who’s just jetted off to the United States on a soccer scholarship!


Here’s Jen’s son Caleb being AWESOME!

So Jen knows what’s possible!

Baby Siphokazi… she is one life. One life who was saved because of Jen’s ministry. And while there have been others- baby Siphokazi’s life matters. She is here. And she is treasured.

Looking at her pic I understand the value of one life

Jesus, our beautiful Shepherd, shared a profound story that revealed how He values just one life. He said: I would leave the 99 and go looking for that one…

Yes, we trust God for more! But let’s never forget the value of just one life.

Don’t ever feel that the work you do isn’t worthwhile just because you might not have the huge numbers to back your tremendous efforts!

Even if it’s just one life you change- that- matters. And it’s worthwhile.

Jen will be at The Beautiful Series Event on October 1.

Should you wish to support her ministry you’re most welcome to contact Jen directly:

Sending You BIG Love!


Hannah Viviers is the creator and host of the Dream BIG TV Show

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