Before You’re Crowned

Ever have those days you wish You didn’t have the BIG dreams you do?

Because you find it frustrating to have those BIG dreams but don’t see them happening!

Anyone who hasn’t experienced this is either lying or dreaming far too small.

Remember the shepherd boy who became king?

We know the story of David.

Samuel anoints David to be king. What Samuel doing this actually meant was that David was now the rightful ruler of Israel.

But David, young as he was, was a man who honoured process.

Can You imagine it- God calls you to, perhaps, the most coveted leadership position there could possibly be and then… you’re sent back to herding sheep!

We read these stories but sometimes don’t take time to dwell in them.

Can you imagine what the people around David must’ve said?

Oh, so YOU were anointed King-

How come you’re still herding sheep?

Can you imagine the humility it must’ve taken this young man to keep his heart set on God? Knowing he was the rightful ruler of Israel- chosen by God Himself! But- watching sheep. Day in. And day out!

Later we’re told that David went to serve Saul who was Israel’s king at the time.

Not once did David dishonour Saul.

He didn’t call him names.

He didn’t speak evil behind his back.

He didn’t say, “Yeah this guy’s days are numbered- God made ME the rightful king!”


David followed process.

And he waited. Faithfully. And without malice.

Sometimes it’s not easy to have your dream beating so hard in your soul you could scream!

You’ve seen the crown! You’ve seen where God’s taking You!

You felt that anointing oil drip all over your body- and You know and You know and You know that You heard God. Or at the very least you know what it is you’re supposed to be doing with your life.

And yet- try as you might, it feels as though your dream might never come true- you feel as though there are mighty waves coming against you- and you can’t break through!


The dream feels so real!

You don’t even have to close your eyes to see it- taste it- feel it! Even with eyes wide open- there it is: Clear as day.

In your mind- You’re- already- there!

But in your body- in reality- you’re right here. At this place where the dream seems so far away.

The question is: Are you willing to honour the process?

Because God cannot lie.

If He set it in Your heart- and if you’re willing to do the work- your dream will happen.

But there is a process.

Are you willing to keep believing even when people think your dreams are far too big and laughably ridiculous compared to where you are now?

Oh Beautiful One! Honour the process.

Because it is the process that trains you. And it is that training that you’ll need to have mastered by the time you wear the crown.

The crown is only the beginning of tremendous responsibility.

It will break you if you have not been trained to wear it.

David talks about this training in Psalms.

Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.

(Psalms 144:1)

And where did this “training” take place?

It didn’t take place when David first walks onto the battle field to slay the mighty Goliath.

No, that training began long before that.

It began in the fields. While David was watching his dad’s sheep.

I believe this training was supernatural because later David talks about having killed lions and bears that had come after his father’s sheep.

Lions. And bears. Plural. Meaning this had happened multiple times!

By the time young David faces Goliath, David pretty much tells Saul:

“I have killed more ferocious creatures than this giant- watch this…”

And then, supernaturally, this young man (just a teenager at the time)- fights and wins a battle the entire army of Israel had failed to!

Eventually David does become King.

His leadership comes at a time when Israel needs a true warrior to lead them.

David is that warrior.

He leads them to victory time and time again. Most times in ways that defeated all reason.

Plenty times Israel went into battle they were insanely outnumbered- and yet- despite the odds being STACKED against them- they’d win.

Because they were led by a king who’d had the training needed to win impossible-to-win wars.

The boy who’d learned to trust God to be His strength as he watched over his dad’s sheep became the king who trusted God to be his strength as he watched over an entire nation.

Before you moan and complain about where you are- and how long it’s taking you to get “there”- realise that this may be your process.

The process you need to go through to receive the training you require for where you’re going.

Before the crown is a process.

The process is not always beautiful. But it is powerful. And it is absolutely necessary.

I send You Love,


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