Follow the Love

When I was fourteen I heard Dr Myles Munroe speak of purpose.

It was the first time ever I was hearing that I was created for a specific purpose- this, in my mind was the meaning of life.

There were times, particularly in my teens, that I obsessed about this.

What was I created for?

Why did God put me on this earth?

What was my reason for being?

These may be questions many of us ask of ourselves often.

I used to think “Purpose” was this mighty, weighty, thing that would be brought to me in a vision “from the heavens” or whatever… and that I’d spend all my days slogging to achieve it…

I know now that nothing could be further from the truth.

I’m beginning to discover that living out your purpose in this life is really quite simple: Do what you love. Do what brings you joy.

We get so busy- I get that- but if you really want to live a purpose-Full life- spend some time doing what you love. Invest in doing things that put on a smile on your face and bring you joy. It really is that simple.

And you will find, as I have, that when you follow the Love- you find incredible things. Including why you’re here.

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