What’s in a Dream?

Dreams are a big part of why I’m still here.

What carried me through many challenges was knowing that there would come a time my life would get better.

There were many, many, times I wanted to give up. There were many times when it was hard getting up in the morning because I didn’t have much hope for what lay ahead of me…

The ability to dream is one of the most powerful tools we have to overcome adversity.

I’ve started a project called Dream BIG.

Through it I’m collecting inspiring stories to share because I’ve experienced the power of being inspired.

We hadn’t planned it this way- but talk about confirmation that we are walking in destiny! – The very first conversation we recorded as part of the Dream BIG series was with my friend Elungile Mzimba.

I blogged about her MasQ project a while ago.

Her project reminds us of the insane power of dreams.

So it truly is quite something that our project about dreaming BIG would kick start with a project that is changing the lives of young people in some of the remotest parts of Eastern Cape, South Africa… by inspiring them to Dream BIG!

So here’s to the power of dreams!

To watch our conversation with Elu click here

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