Worship is not a Song

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I was thinking about what I’d like to share with my kids about waiting for that utter commitment before they share their bodies with another human being. Then I remembered how a friend of mine had put it years ago, in the days when we were still young 🙂 She said for her ‘waiting’ was worship to her God.

This morning I pondered on that word: ‘Worship’.

Methinks that maybe, just maybe, we’ve been led to believe some things about it that might not be entirely encompassing of how Packed that one word is?

The way the band ‘Jesus Culture’ puts it is like this:

“Jesus only did what He saw You do, He would only say what He heard you speak, He would only move when He felt You lead, following Your Heart, following Your Spirit… How can I expect to walk without You? When every move that Jesus made was in surrender…”

That to me is perhaps the closest to a “full” explanation of what ‘worship’ is.

There’s no such thing as, “OK, let’s worship now…” What about later? What do we do between “worship” sessions?

Worship is not a song. It’s not just praying. It’s not a segment of our time that we “dedicate” to God for a few minutes- worship is ‘everything’ we do.

It’s complete surrender to Daddy.

It’s how we are on our job- how we conduct ourselves in business- how we drive- how we speak to our children and other people- where we go- how we go- what we pray…

Worship isn’t a ‘thing’ we take out every now then like a music box- open it up- hear the song for a while- shut the box and go on with the rest of our lives. No, worship is the Space in which we’re meant to live in constantly.

And it’s DEFINITELY not about ‘proving’ to others “whose we are”- in fact true worship is one of those things we may sometimes want to do behind closed doors because it can be a very uncomfortable place to be- and very often attracts vicious criticism and ridicule.

Jesus didn’t do the insanely incredible things He did just as the Son of God- He did them ‘in’ utter surrender to His God.

We can do amazing things, truly globe-shaking, Nobel winning amazing- but if it’s not in surrender to Daddy it will not have the lasting impact the way Jesus’ life did.

So back to my babies… I could “teach” them about self-worth, waiting for the ‘right’ person’, getting married first etc etc and even more etc… But those lectures don’t always last- for some yes- but not for all.

I believe that my biggest call as their Mommy is to share with them this awesome Daddy they have. To impart to them (with MUCH help from the Holy Spirit) who this Jesus is- ‘how’ He is and how they can take every cue in their lives from Him.

Because there’s something utterly magical about having Him- all of Him.

He frees us, from boxing the splendour He has for us in tiny boxes, to fully dwelling in the abundant spaces of His blessings and fullness.

If I can share with my babies what true worship is- I believe with all my heart that it won’t be preaching they hear on ‘purity’ that will urge them to make the right decisions on this- what will compel them is the utter conviction of the ‘amazing’ their Daddy God designed for them to enjoy- not only for when they get married, but for lasting impact that’ll bless their generations to come.

Worship is Complete surrender. It’s a way of life I’m, truthfully, still afraid to submit to completely. But one I’m learning is utterly worth pursuing.

I send You Love,


Hannah Viviers is the Host and Creator of the Dream BIG TV Show

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