Is the Wrong Name taking away Your Future?

Taken from Kris Valloton’s Book The Supernatural Ways of Royalty

The devil gives us names that disempower us… Then we spend our lives playing by his rules because we believe in the wrong name.
The devil is the accuser, and he often uses other people to propagate his alias identities over us.
My first stepfather used to call me a “stupid ass” all the time. This resulted in me always feeling dumb, which really hindered my ability to learn. The name became a mental block, which manifested as a difficulty with reading. When I finished high school I only read at a third grade level.
I have met many women who were called “whores” by their fathers, then struggled with immorality their entire lives. Names can be prophetic declarations that define a person’s identity. Because people act according to who they believe they are, these lies are ultimately acted out in their behavior.
We respond to our environment according to the way we see ourselves. Words spoken to us become names that we carry in our hearts.
These names paint a portrait of us in our imagination and become the lenses through which we view our world. Sticks and stones are breaking our bones, but names are taking away our future!

The supernatural ways of royalty

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