On Dreaming too small


We were NEVER meant to scrape by through life.

If there’s more stress than joy in your marriage, You’re scraping by

If there’s more panic than abundance in your finances, You’re scraping by

If there’s more sickness than health in your life, You’re scraping by

If, for whatever reason, the amount of anxiety far exceeds the amount of joy You experience every day- You. Are. Scraping. by!

These are hard things for me to say because I never ever want people to feel condemned by me- but this is not a condemnation. This is a call for us to demand more from life than what we’re getting!

To demand from ourselves MORE than what we’ve settled for!

And to receive more from our God who’s already given but- Why on earth aren’t we receiving?

Yesterday I heard someone say, “God is tired of You shouting over things You’re not possessing”.

There was a time this year I got SO tired of it myself that I yelled: “God I’m tired of scraping! I’m TIRED of shouting over Your goodness, and Your abundance and STILL scraping by!”

I asked God to help me get out of the constant scraping.

He’s been faithful.

It hasn’t been a once-off download but He’s been showing me some powerful things.

If You’re in a similar space- that place where you’re so tired of “almost” making it- exhausted with scraping by in an area of your life where You know it can be loads better- then, from what I’ve learned and experienced, the very first step is to decide the “scraping” stops now.

Before that decision is made nothing else can be done to change your situation.

You may do a number of things- but You probably already have, and still You end up at the same place.

Making that decision is vital.

When You do, at first, nothing changes.

When you make the decision You may feel utterly stupid because everything will seem the same, at first.

But it won’t be!

A MASSIVE shift will happen in the atmosphere.

If you’ve come to”accept” where You are- if for whatever reason You’ve made “peace” with it- if You’re still asking God if this “scraping” is His will or given room to the idea that God’s teaching You something through this- then maybe You’re not ready just yet.

There has to be a rage at your current situation-

and an absolute conviction in Your heart that this is NOT how things are meant to be.

Once You decide that You WILL have more. That decision brings about a powerful shift.

When that shift happens, things on the inside of you start shifting as well- it’s a process but one that leads You to what You’re meant to have.

Most of us pin our problems on God- thinking He’s the one to fix our issues.

But, The power to make the shift between scraping by and living the dream has been given to us!

Most of us are dreaming far too small.

We’re settling for far to little.

Isn’t there a part of You that’s tired of shouting over things You’re not Possessing?


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show

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