Alone is totally OK

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There’s a really hard lesson I’m learning during this season of my existence- what matters to you might not matter as much to others. That doesn’t mean that what you care about isn’t worth it- we cannot go through life measuring our own worth or the worth of what we care about by how others respond… or don’t respond.

My friend Mercy once said to me, “Hannah, no one will ever give you the kind of attention and investment you can give yourself- because no one is as invested in you as you are- and no one is with you as much as you are with yourself.”
It’s been almost ten years since she gave me that advice and it’s never been truer to me than it is now.
Your priorities are not necessarily on someone else’s list- to take offence- to hurt over it- to ask, “But how come no one else seems to care as much as I do…” that drains you of the energy you could be using investing in what you care about.

Sometimes you’ve gotta wave your own flag. Back yourself. Blow your own trumpet. Open the Scriptures and preach to yourself. You gotta pick yourself up- dust your own self off and keep going.
Because there will be times when you walk alone- there will be times when you fight alone- there will be times when you cry all by yourself- and you know what? That’s not a bad thing- because it gives you the courage to go places you’d always depended on other people to get to.
You’re far stronger than you think.
Give yourself a BIG HUG!

I send you Love,

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