Huh? Seek Ye First?

Most of us Know the Scripture, “Seek ye first The Kingdom of God…”

But do we truly get it?

I don’t know how You were taught this Scripture but I was taught about “laying it all down for God”, denying myself and only seeking God’s heart and nothing of myself…

I tried. Many times. And failed. Many times.

Because I doubt very much I was taught the truth of this Scripture.

A couple of years ago I started calling God, Father. Last year it seemed to make most sense to call Him Daddy.

Daddy. What an incredible title.

Today I was telling a friend that a lot of what we we’re taught about God is so hugely wrong. God didn’t have us to have an entire planet of beings to “worship” and “serve” Him as some of us were led to believe- He had us the same reason many of decide to have kids- We want to share this life with them. And when our babies come our lives revolve around them- we go places and do things we’d never think to go or do on our own- but for them we’d move Heaven and Earth if we could. They get sick and something in us hurts so badly we wish to take their illness on ourselves so they’d be well. If it came down to it we’d even give our own lives for our babies- Our Heavenly Father’s Love for us is no different. Well it kinda is- because His is so much more.

So if what we’ve been taught about how “Seeking God first” is all about Him we need to fold that carefully and throw out.

Everything God asks of us is for us.

God knew that if we sought Love first we’d be heartbroken. He knew if we sought wealth first we’d be stressed, anxious, never satisfied and constantly on the look out for the elusive MoreHe knew that if we sought our health first we’d live obsessed about what to eat or not eat- that eventually our mouths and bodies would have far too much control to truly live healthy. God knew that if we even put our families first, before Him, we’d burden ourselves and them with unrealistic expectations regarding our devotion. Daddy knew that if we sought anything outside of Him first we’d be burned out, stressed and not fully able to live the joyful Life He had for us.

God knew that seeking Him first was all about discovering His truths about this life.

The very first thing we’d soon find out as we “sought Him” would be how much He Loved us.

Then we’d find out How much He wanted us to Prosper in every area of our lives.

Then we’d find out how to prosper in every area of our lives.

All because we sought Him first.

Seeking God first is simply getting to Know Him and His heart.

And His heart is this. That He Loves You. Forever.

That He has held Nothing back from You.

That He wants You to live in Prosperity beyond Your wildest Dreams.

And that He wants to equip You to attain everything He has in store for You.

Don’t start with a business Plan. Start with Your Father in Heaven’s Plan for You. It’s Beautiful and Perfect- and Just for You!

Don’t start with developing Your idea. Start with His idea about You.

Let all things start with Him and it’ll blow Your mind the things that will fall into place- And all things that will be added to your life as You choose to understand what He really means when He asks You to come and Feast with Him.

I send You BIG Love,



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