The Reason Kids LOVE Superheros

Kids love superheros for one very simple reason: They recognise themselves in superheros.

Children believe they are spectacular.

For the most part they are fearless and own a crazy sense of invincibility- just like superheros!

We all start out that way.

That’s why adults enjoy a good superhero movie.

It’s not just for the escape into a fantasy world where the hero can fly and crash ten foot buildings- I’d like to believe it’s because for that period of time we’re watching a part of us believes in the impossible- and on some level we recognise that we too have incredible power to overcome injustice, right wrongs and win over adversity and evil.

One of the things I enjoy so much about my three and two year old is their belief that they can do anything.

So often I have to stop myself from screaming: You can’t do that!

Because they believe they can.

The challenge is to gently navigate them through their little worlds without crushing their superhero powers.

Powers, that Once upon a time, we all had.


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