I was so encouraged by a CUM staff member yesterday.

I’d been a tad disappointed that I was not getting the chunk of a discount people with loyalty cards qualified for.

I filled out forms to get the card… but the short version is that for the meantime I’d have to pay full price.

I didn’t want to wait for my card to get my hands on these much needed resources.

A little disappointed that I wouldn’t get the discount a staff member said: “What do you need a discount for? You are a child of God.”

And then it was like flood gates burst open in her. She started declaring how BIG God was and that as I believer the only way I had to look was up and never down.

This lady broke out bringing an experience and picture of Heaven’s abundance…

As she spoke I realised that my focus was (and usually is) on money and not on God’s abundance. I pray you’ll realise the depth of this…

I was so encouraged by her and I realised that yeah… I can be so particular about rands and cents- the truth is that the abundance of heaven cannot even compute my monies- they’re too small.

Compared to the abundance of heaven my little wallet is not just little- it’s really really really so tiny it’s impossible to describe just how infinitely small my finances are next to God’s abundance.

When Paul wrote to the Philipians he said this to them: “ God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

I once heard Jospeh Prince say “According to” means what we have access to (on this earth) as Children of the Most High God is not just a “portion” of God’s abundance- it’s all of Heaven’s abundance. God’s not holding anything back from us.

Most of us haven’t even begun to tap into the abundance of Heaven. We look at our pockets and we make that our reality- God wants to free us from that tiny, minuscule, thinking.

Our pockets are just carriers… What I was challenged by yesterday was this: will I trust the numbers on my bank statements or will I trust the numbers God shows me in the Scriptures?

We have got to see through eyes of faith on this one…

As this CUM staff member was pouring her heart out about God’s blessings, her colleague joined the conversation. She shared how, last year, she’d wanted so badly to go to Israel for three weeks- God has opened doors for her and she’s going to Israel for three months!

During my visit to the store I was helped by one of the most amazing young men I’ve come across in a long time- he couldn’t have been older than 19. Let’s call him Wikus.

Wikus’ excitement and passion for Jesus was evident. He was generous and humble and respectful- I was blessed to meet him.

Watching Wikus I was encouraged to come across a man so young, outside of the Sunday church environment, who was on fire for Jesus.

Wikus recommended I watch  Indescribable.  He was so excited about it that at one point I thought his feet would set on fire and he would shoot out of that store like a rocket.

When I got home and watched it I understood why Wikus had been so excited about the message in this DVD.
When I watched this I understood why Wikus had been so excited about the message in this DVD.

It tied in beautifully with what the two women had shared with me about God’s BIGness.

I cannot fully articulate what’s in this resource- you’ll have to watch the DVD yourself.

All I can say is that whatever (and I mean whatever) you’re facing it doesn’t even come close to the BIGness of God and the vastness of His abundance.

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