I’m working on a Blog Post titled “Can You stand to be Blessed?”

I remember T.D. Jakes speaking about this and thinking: “Who DOESN’T want to be blessed?!”
I was in my teens then and hadn’t realised a lot of what I do now.
There are some of You who’ve been going through so much- you feel like every which way you turn you’re dodging missiles…
You can’t understand why some people you thought would back you don’t…
You just don’t get why things aren’t coming as you’d hoped- You’re working hard, smart and doing “everything” you know and still…
Let me share a tidbit I’m discovering: If You are living your Purpose- even if you may not feel like it You are Blessed.
Some of the definitions for Blessed are: Worthy of adoration, Divinely or Supremely Favored, Fortunate, Blissfully Happy or Contented…
Let me tell you there is NO WAY you can have all of that without opposition.
We all want to be blessed but: Can We stand it?
Can we stand the opposition, the betrayal, the hurt, the judgement, and some other not-so-pretty things that come with being Blessed?
Yes we can!
The same God that Blessed You is with You every step of this Journey.
You are never never alone.


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show

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