Heart of a Queen

I read Proverbs 31 again today.

It’s a Scripture I’ve read so many times but today it sprung out with joy to me and I read it in a new remarkable light.

Every woman is a queen. Some don’t know this though. God help us.

This kind of queen is not proud – she’s amazing. She’s not about amassing for self – she knows that what she has in her hands can feed the nations! If she dare believe and act!

I’ve heard people say the Proverbs 31 woman is absolutely fictitious. These people go on to say that she is the ultimate of a perfect woman that cannot be fulfilled. What utter nonsense!

There are women all over the world who are living exactly what this woman in Proverbs 31 is described to be.

My sentiment is that her King although not mentioned in this particular text does not refer to her husband but rather to her Creator – Her God.

I’m currently reading Power of a Praying Woman by Stormie Omartian. In it she writes:

“Every woman has needs. But many of us are guilty of looking to other people to meet them – especially the men in our lives. Too often we expect them to meet the needs that only God can fill. And then we are disappointed when they can’t. We expect too much from them when our expectations should be in God.

My friend Lisa Bevere expressed it best when she said that for centuries women have “wrestled and waged war with the sons of Adam in an attempt to get them to bless us and affirm our value. But this struggle has left us frustrated at best… In the end, it is all a senseless and exhausting process in which both parties lose. It is not the fault of the sons of Adam; they cannot give us the blessing we seek, and we have frightened them by giving them so much power over our souls. We must learn that the blessings we truly need come only from God.””

While reading Proverbs 31 I saw a woman with the heart of God. A woman who, yes, is resourceful and an amazing business woman – but what an amazing humble heart!

Is that not the heart of our Father God? One musician called Him a humble King.

Women have been powerful for centuries.

Some have been wounded by the cruelty and reality of life. But God’s grace and healing is so available for us.

Research points us to countless women who are phenomenal leaders in business. Women who are great investors. Women who are changing their communities and their worlds because they are living out who they are.

I still see all the wounds in my life – those that continue to ooze pus and how they continue to hurt me in so many areas of my life – including my business life.

But I owe it to Me to get those wounds healed and I owe it to Me to operate in the fullness I was designed to live in!

Lady, it doesn’t matter how many people and how many circumstances said and continue to say you can’t – you can! For crying out loud tell them to go play in traffic and choose to obtain your destiny! We await your greatness! Eagerly!

I got the unction to read Proverbs 31 this evening – and I was reminded that I am a Queen. Note the CAPITAL Q.

It is who I was created and ordained to be.

In my heart I don’t believe for one moment that God is saying in this Scripture (Proverbs 31): “See this is the standard I want you to live up to.”

Nay. Methinks and totally believe that in this Scripture He is saying to woman: “This is who I made you to be – so be it!”

What a gift! What grace.

Entrepreneurship, strength, wisdom, humility, generosity – oh the list goes on!

May God’s love and utter trust in you raise you up to be the Queen you are.

The only one stopping you is you.


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