Not just a dance

By Tertia Butler

When I was younger I started dance classes. I enjoyed it so much that my mom said I could join an extra class for competitions.


At the time, my family was struggling financially so it was hard for my parents to support my dancing. My amazing Aunt stepped in to ensure I could pursue my love for dance.

For me dancing was a way for me to escape my reality

It was a place that made me feel powerful and strong.

I got to wear some stunning costumes, full on make up and nail polish.

Basically, dancing  it made me feel like I was pretty and I always looked stunning. 
Basically, dancing  made me feel like I was pretty and I always looked stunning.

Dancing also made me feel really good about myself. It was my passion!

I lived and breathed it!

Dancing was an act, a performance,  a show. I could be anything I wanted to be and it was accepted.


I had a knee injury during high school and had to leave dancing.

I was devastated as I missed out on the opportunity to compete overseas, represent South Africa and get  my National colours.

When I was older I worked at an aftercare centre.

I fell pregnant and resigned from the centre due to complications with my pregnancy.

After my son was born the Centre’s owner asked me if I would be interested in teaching dance there. I jumped at the opportunity and started my own studio.

At the time I didn’t feel that I would be able to do it as I’d never made it into any Championship levels, or even completed a teachers’ certificate.

I didn’t feel I was a very strong dancer.

After a few months of teaching I realised that I was much better at teaching than actually dancing.

At every competition my students participated in, they were placed. From 1st place to 6th place.

This made me feel very good

My studio began to receive recognition from other studios- even from my old dance teacher who I’d always felt didn’t think I was good enough.

After 4 years of teaching I fell pregnant again.

Again, complications with my pregnancy arose.

My placenta tore and I was ordered to strict bed rest for my entire pregnancy.

I was forced to close down my studio.

It’s years later since then, but

I never lost that burning desire to dance.

I’ve been feeling God pulling me into Praise and Worship dancing.

Earlier this year I was asked to speak at The Beautiful Series Event.

In preparation for my talk I wrote down my story.

In it I spoke of how I’d been molested as a child. And how God, and the love of my husband, had healed me and restored my once very poor image of myself.

As I wrote my testimony, it struck me! I hadn’t realised what I’d gone through, and where I was, until after I’d actually put it all on paper.

Before I was to speak at The Beautiful Series Event, I attended a women’s camp on the weekend of July 29.

I had just finished writing my testimony for The Beautiful Series.

During supper at camp everyone was discussing what they were getting out of the weekend. Somehow I ended up saying that I was going to share my testimony at the upcoming Beautiful Series Event.

As the words were coming out of my mouth, I realised that God had set me free from all my bondage!

As I was sharing with the ladies at camp,  I felt a sense of relief and freedom that I’d never felt before!

I realised that God had broken the chains that had been holding me back!

During that evening’s session at camp, I found myself saying:

“Wow God, I’m free!”

I kind of laughed about it as I realised that I had been free for a while I just hadn’t known I was.

I was like:

“Wow God! You actually did it!”

I was in disbelief that He would love me enough to do this for me.

I started to look around and I saw so many broken people.

I said to myself that their breakthrough would come.

I sat there and said to God “I can’t believe I am free! Now what Lord? I’m free… Where do I go from here?”

There was a lady singing a Prophetic Word over a woman a few seats behind me.

I jokingly said to God, I wish she would sing over me.

A second after I’d just whispered that to God the singing woman said: “The lady wearing glasses over there, in black…”

I kind of looked around and realised- oh wait she’s talking to me!


She began to sing these words over me:

Anointing your feet tonight with fresh oils, because when you dance the heavenlies grounds shake. As it brings glory and honour to My Name. It brings honour and glory to My Name.

“So never let negativity or depression or opinions of man keep you from dancing my daughter, dance your heart out,  dance, dance, dance, dance, dance your heart out!  Dance, dance, dance your heart out.

“It moves Me so, it blesses Me so. You are My daughter you are a beautiful fragrance.

“You will be in places where there is depression and you will dance and my joy will fill the atmosphere.

“I am calling you to a new place of obedience.

“You will have the umption to dance.

“Daughter just dance and you will see what I will do through you.  “Mountains will shake, deserts will break open into spring.

“It’s a new season of obedience.

“Even if you don’t understand just dance and dance and you will see what I will do through you.”

I was in tears.

I couldn’t believe God loved me enough to answer me so quickly!

He knew how passionate I was about dancing! How I loved Praise and Worship dancing!

But I still had a question: Should I do anything about it now?

Then the most amazing thing happened: Hannah Viviers, from The Beautiful Series Event asked if I would be interested in doing a dance for her upcoming event on February 4, 2017!

I was totally blown away by God’s plan!

And how He was putting things into motion for me!

Hannah went on to tell me that she’d actually wanted to ask me to dance way before the first Beautiful Series Event- but God’s timing is perfect. He needed me to first hear His Prophetic Word over me.

He is calling me to a new place of obedience and I can’t wait to see what He has in store for me.

Tertia Butler is a wife, Rocker mom of two, writer and entrepreneur- She’ll be dancing at The Beautiful Series Event on Feb 4, 2017.

Tertia speaking at the Launch of The Beautiful Series Event, October 1, 2016


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