The pre-Thank You!

WHAT a remarkable journey the The Beautiful Series Event has been!

It’s been a reminder of where DaddyGod has brought me from- a time of intense soul searching and stripping away rubbish, lies, procrastinations and thieving fears.

I’ve met women methinks will be lifelong friends (among them: Neziswa Kanju you KNOW YOU’re right there girl!).

I’ve reminisced with old sister friends.

I’ve been challenged beyond what I thought possible- through the journey itself and through women who are the definition of strength- like Ashika Ramparsad and Tertia Butler who’ve shared their stories fearlessly, and with such generosity, I tear up thinking of how you women have powered this cause.

My beautiful friend Antonette Hardy-

You! I can’t even start to thank because I’ll be a ball of slobber and gushing tears!

Nicolet Britz owner of Shadows and Lines who was among the very first to book her seat for the event.Then jumped in to do the make-up for our photo shoot prize.

Marcell Erasmus who didn’t even hesitate with giving me a YES! when I asked if he’d sponsor the photo shoot- then he went on to connect me with the legend that is Ashika Ramparsad.

Jennifer Maier whose business offered to give our photo-shoot prize winner luscious lashes for that extra glam look! (I must add that Jennifer’s article on “The Wilderness” opened the door to a dream I’ve had for years!)

Then there are my precious Friends.

Who’ve sponsored women they don’t even know to come to the event- because- they believe.

There’s CEO of the SABC Foundation Iris Cupido who’ll be at the event fresh off a plane from a UN Convention. She’d heard of our heart for The Beautiful Series Event and gave a resounding YES! to share her story and minister to women attending.

All I can say is, To every person who has a nudging on your heart to start something- just start! You’ll be amazed WHO God will bring your way to make His purpose a reality- if you’ll just step out!

It’s been powerful!

Receiving emails, phone calls, or texts from women who’ve shared their personal stories with us on how healing the ministry from our emails has been!

I was sharing with my husband how someone had shared with me that she’d realised a remarkable freedom through this event’s journey- My Guy answered that preparing for his talk for the event had done the same for him too!

He said, “I’ve been living on revelations I got 20 years ago! Now I’m discovering some NEW, Significant, Really COOL stuff from Daddy! Some crucial things I’d been missing have been found!”

The bubbling over joy in my guy has been a reminder of the power there is in this Gospel!

To all my sisters (among them my Mommy!) who’re holding us up in prayer- thank You!

To the incredibly generous women who’re jumping in to serve from my gorgeous niece Twilla Celliers, to Stella Rose Katombe (who I can’t wait to hear perform!), to Ms Olivia Sambo who’ll be taking pics, to Sisanda Zakumba who gave me much-needed advice along the way- while shouting our story from the rooftops, along with all

the other POW women who’ve been my voice,

sharing with others what The Beautiful Series Event is all about- y’all don’t even know how grateful I am!

Most of our seats were booked through referrals! So this Beautiful Movement is not just about me! It’s an army of women (and men!) who, through the network of Love, are bringing this vision to Life!

As my sister-girl Nezi would say- Bring on the Life Overs! We’re ready Abba!

As we get nearer to the day-

May the focus be Jesus. May our ENTIRE expectation be Him!

And for ladies who aren’t able to join us this time round but still want to be part of the journey please join our email list.

For YEARS I’ve wanted to share the remarkable stories of other women and we’ve started doing that through our email list.

There, we’re stirring each other up! Reminding one another how beautiful we are in Jesus!

It’s a lot! But let me stop here.

Remember Always, that You. Are. Loved!



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