Just Go for it Already!

For our very first shoot on Dream BIG we had two entry level (and I mean ENTRY level!) cameras and two lights (forget about sound equipment we had nothing)- but we did the interview anyway with my Dear and Inspiring friend Elungile Mzimba.

Her MasQ project is DRASTICALLY changing the futures of young learners in some of the most remote and rural areas of the Eastern Cape.

I’m looking at where we are now with Dream BIG and I’m SO grateful that we didn’t allow ourselves to “Not” start because we didn’t have everything we needed.

When you have a dream Start.

It’s so crucial to start.

It’s only in starting that we learned and we acquired and we adjusted.

We’re still growing and with each shoot we do we learn what we’ll do better next time.

But while we’re growing we continue to bring viewers incredible, powerful, stories we hope will inspire them to live out theirĀ  BIG Dreams.

So here’s the very first interview we did-

I’m proud (so proud) to post it because the story (and Elungile) are amazing.

And I’m proud to post it because, with the little we had, we started.

– @hannahviviers, Dream BIG Host


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