Why did you start this?

I took the week off to regain perspective on our Dream BIG project.

Most times when we start something there’s a huge surge of energy. We’re excited. We can’t wait. We’re positive. There are no limits. We are certain of success. We’re committed. We throw ourselves wholeheartedly into it… but that’s usually at the beginning.

Then once we’ve started we come up against things that dampen our energy, slowly grind away at our resolve, dissolve our certainty of success, discourage us and make us question if this  quest we embarked on was the right one for us.

We start wondering if we got the vision right- or maybe, we say to ourselves, this dream was not for right now…

Then sometimes we get a huge push and in that push we receive another tremendous amount of energy to make our project work.

We’re energetic again but this time the energy’s a little different… And sometimes we start to make compromises. And sometimes getting ahead in the project becomes more important than the reason we started the project in the first place. Numbers become more important than people. We begin to act of character and do things that we tell ourselves are “the ways of business” so we can propel our project forward- but deep in our hearts we know we’ve lost our way.

Deep in our hearts we know that the reason we started in the first place is no longer first- something else has taken over: The innate desire every human possesses: The desire to succeed.

At all cost though?

Or sometimes the challenges get too much and we remember a time when worrying about bringing clients in was someone else’s job- so we go back to seeking the comfort of a job. Because the reality is that starting something is hard. Really hard.

During one of our Dream BIG interviews the guest said something that stuck with me above everything he said in the time he spoke with me: “Businesses don’t make money. Businesses make product. The product makes the money.”

When the numbers become more important than why  we started what we started then we’ve lost our way. And consequently one thing is for absolute sure: We will never be satisfied or happy no matter how massive our numbers get.

But when the reason we started retains its position of priority and importance we will find joy even when the numbers aren’t great and even when they only slowly trickle in. Because when we build with purpose and meaning then we’re building something that will last. For a really long time.

I took the week off because I’d started to feel that my heart toward Dream BIG was changing… And I felt that this wonderful assignment that had landed on my plate was being compromised- and I was putting myself in danger of no longer being trusted with it.

Can you be trusted with the dreams that’ve been placed in your heart?

Can you fulfill them with integrity?

There is a business that has stood out for me above and beyond many I’ve dealt with. It’s BlueSpot Water Purifiers. A while ago the company was nominated for a Talk Radio 702 Small Business Award.

I wanted to shout to the mountain tops what amazing service I’d received from the company- from Jaco in particular.

Often when I drink a cool glass of water from our purified water tap- I think of how Jaco blessed my family.

He didn’t preach to me or do anything outside of what his services promised- all he did was come into our home and do his job in an excellent manner. He did it with such honour that I can’t stop singing his praises. Jaco has created not only a customer in me but a fan.

I tell others about his business.

Jaco’s attitude toward his work reminds me that when we labour in love the numbers sort themselves out.

I read a portion of Scripture in Thessalonians this week that talked about labour being prompted by love.

I realised that was all that has ever been required of me in my work- for my labour to be prompted by love.

Here’s what I can tell you I know for absolute certain- if you operate what you’ve started out of love- you’ll be amazed at how what you started will exceed everything you hoped for it.

I know it sounds absolutely crazy – but don’t be so bogged down with the bottom line- get into the business of creating stuff that will benefit your clients. Keep them in mind. Care for them. Dare to love them. Be generous.

Have you ever seen how a person who feels loved by a company they did business with speaks about that establishment? As opposed to the businesses that are clearly in it for a quick buck? This is not soft stuff people- this is granite for the astute business mind.

If you’ve started something keep reminding yourself why you started. Guard it in your heart.

I wrote an email to a dear friend that, if you’ll allow, is my prayer for you too:

I see you flying around the country- around the world even with your business- employing people and being a business to be reckoned with. I know you see that of yourself too- focus on that dream and then lay everything else at the feet of the Father.

Yes there are things we must know and do in business but what I’m finding dear friend is it all starts and ends with God.

So I pray that in this time He would strengthen you in your resolve to make this business work.

I pray that He would send people who will encourage you even more and keep reminding you of the greatness that is in you and in your ability to create something fantastic, lucrative and lasting.

I pray that He would open doors for you that will blow your mind and that He would remind you daily how much He loves you and wants you to succeed.

Dream BIG – because no matter how BIG your dream is- God will surpass and exceed your every expectation.


–          Hannah

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