A sure way to get that job

It’s quite startling to me that while (for the most part) I’m great at encouraging and coaching people on how they can be successful, at times, I neglect to apply the same principles I share to my own circumstances.

I was reminded of this recently. Upon this realization I chose to reboot and act as I know I should when it comes to believing in me.

People will often treat you as you treat yourself.

If you undersell, under value, undermine, under believe, under appreciate yourself – do not wonder how come other people treat you this way.

I often speak about my brothers because they are easily the most hard-working people I have ever come across. I sometimes perceive them to be far much more advanced in their careers not because they are smarter or better but because they have been more confident in who they are and what they bring to the table.

A friend of mine did some pretty impressive research some time ago. She found out that one of the reasons men generally earn more than women, and men advance faster and further in their careers, is that (for the most part) men are far better at marketing and selling themselves.

At the time of research she found that women would (generally) only apply for positions they felt they utterly (as in 100%) met the criteria of while men (generally) would go for a position they’d only partially (60%) met the criteria of.

There is something I learned as a Public Speaking coach that I tell clients who are applying for a job (that job interview in particular): what you know and can bring to the table far outweighs meeting all the criteria.

My favourite question when being interviewed is “So what do you plan to bring to the table?” Ask me that question in an interview and, quite honestly, there isn’t a person waiting to be interviewed outside that door who will beat me at getting that job. They may be better spoken, better dressed, better educated and even more experienced – but when you ask me what I bring to the table I will outshine them all. Is it arrogance? Not at all. It’s a sure confidence I’m learning from my go-getter friends and of course my go-getter brothers.

Innovative companies are not looking for a wonderful “all rounder” who can do “everything” and is “a quick learner”. You’re not a monkey applying for a gig with the circus – you’re a human being; an individual who is brilliantly creative and passionate. And when given the opportunity in the right environment you will blow the socks off everyone.

I’m not keen on working with a company or business that will not ask me “So what do you plan to bring to the table?” Simply because such a business may feel it “has arrived.” If this is a case it’s a dying company and I don’t want to be a part of it. Not asking for new ideas tells me a firm has a set way of doing things and thus does not have room for me to grow. I would be wasted on such a business.

No business is so spectacular it cannot be improved upon. The greater the company the more innovative you have to be to be a part of it. And great companies know that every single person involved in their business is a potential gold mine if nurtured correctly. Read Tony Hsieh’s book Delivering Happiness for a bit more on this.

Believe in you. Believe that what you have to offer may revolutionise the way a business does things. Don’t take a job just to earn a paycheck – take a job that will challenge you to grow and reach beyond yourself. Take a job that will inspire you to do remarkable things that will earn the business you’re involved in big bucks. When business hears money – you’ve got the job. Period.

How much you believe in you will do much to determine how much others believe in you.

How much you dedicate to delivering what you promise will determine the strength and durability of the ladder you build as you make your way to the top.

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