When Giants come…

Footsteps in the sand

Someone out there needs to be reminded that You are Loved. You’re not an orphan. You have not been abandoned to fend for yourself.

Life, other people, your own thoughts, past experiences, situations and yes even that lying devil will taunt you saying “Look at how alone you are!” And you take in those words. You believe the natural reality that seems to consume you- and you accept the lie- partner with it even.
You blow pity party balloons and pump up the music that cries: “Woe is poor lonely me!”
Daddy’s calling you OUT of that lie!
One Lover of God once said, ‘Even if my mother and father forsake me, the LORD will take me up!” Declare that over you!
It doesn’t matter who left you or is leaving.
It doesn’t matter if the places your provision once came from have dried up- Right now you have the choice to speak abundance and declare the goodness of your God despite what you see.
I’ll share this intimate thing with you- I hardly slept last night. Faced with a real giant. I could’ve rolled up into a ball, given up and said, “Oh well, what will be will be”… But I refuse to be defeated when I have the Almighty God as my Dad!
Don’t see my posts and think, “It’s easy for Hannah to say, all’s well with her!” No dear friend, I’m having fights on this end too. And yet I’ve got that magnifying glass over me! I’m magnifying His Love for me.
I’m feeling and seeing real stuff happening in me and around me but I refuse to let “stuff” overwhelm me.
Greater is He who is in me!
He is Greater than my situation- He is Greater than my pain- He is Greater than… You fill in the blanks with whatever is barking LOUD at You and declare: Greater is He!!!!
So despite what glares at me I declare that song: “…and when the oceans rage, I DON’T have to be afraid! Because I know that YOU Love me!!!! Your Love never fails!!!!”
Someone out there needs this, and Daddy God’s got me sending this message to you: He Loves You, He hasn’t abandoned you and He definitely doesn’t expect you to go through this alone. Remember the footsteps in the sand.
He wants you to know He is right there with you and in you.
Don’t drown while the Walker on Water is right there for You!
Arise beautiful one! You are girded in Him!
I send You Love,


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