Christianity is for Sissies

Yesterday I heard someone say: “Christianity is not for sissies!”

Nothing, in my mind, could be further from the truth.

If there is anything out there for sissies Christianity is it.

One of the very vital things I’m learning now is how an effective walk as a believer in God requires removing focus on self and focusing, instead, on Jesus.

My sentiment is that as long as we feel the bravado is in us- that somehow we (and our strength) have something to do with our walk and life in God- I think we miss the mark.

Throughout The Scriptures we see ordinary people doing extraordinary things – never (ever) because of themselves but because of God and His Power. I think that ought to say something to us-

When I wrote the title of this post- I looked the word “Sissy” up- can you believe the dictionary actually has a definition for “Sissy”!

Some of the definitions for “Sissy” include “timid, cowardly person, weakling.”

One of the biggest problems Jesus had when He walked this earth was people who thought they were mighty- According to the Scriptures few things angered Him like those who thought themselves great… and He was very clear about who He came for… It wasn’t those who didn’t need Him… He came for the sick, the weak, the poor in spirit.

Throughout the Old Testament we see mere mortals achieve incredible feats… tiny minuscule armies go against great and mighty brigades… and the tiny armies would obliterate huge, mighty, formations not because of who was in the tiny armies but because of Who was with them- God was their might. It was He Who won their battles.

Sometimes those tiny armies were a single individual (only a boy) against incredible might (an ENORMOUS giant)… But when the tiny army knew Who was with them no enemy (or feat) they came against was ever too great.

In a world that praises men and women for their strength it’s hard to not want to shine and be seen as powerful and strong. I’m finding though that it’s a lot less hassle to rely on God’s strength.

You may have an awesome dream that keeps you awake at night- it excites and yet terrifies you… and when you look at You- you know there’ s NO way You could ever make what you envision happen.

I recommend that you please stop looking at you. Look to Jesus.

I think God takes tremendous delight in “the timid, cowardly, weaklings”… because their lack of puffed upness gives Him a tremendous amount of room to work in. Because those people know it’s not about who they are, it’s about Who He is… and in knowing this they open themselves to insane, massive power to do incredible things.

I’m a sissy through and through.

I hope I’ll get weaker in myself every single moment I’m alive- so that His strength would POW through me!

A lot of the time I’m terrified and scared and would rather stay in my shell and do nothing. But I bless God who doesn’t cease to remind me how awesome I am in Him. I thank God Who tells me often that Him and I- we’re off to great places.

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