Are You Ready to Ignite Your Faith?

By Mercy Dembetembe

We’ve heard that Faith without works (or deeds) is dead.

But what does that really  mean?

If faith can be dead, how can we ignite it and make it come Alive?

Our actions (deeds) allow our belief  in God to live.

Deeds are the lifeblood of faith. They give our faith a heartbeat, a living force, an ability to experience life.

I felt God share something profound with me about the characteristics of living things.

Living Things:

– Move

– Breathe

– Are Sensitive

– Grow

– Reproduce

– Excrete

– Require Nutrition

When applied to deeds being the life force of faith, I believe that:

– Deeds make your faith move; breathe; sensitive to your environment (so you can respond accordingly); grow and develop; produce fruit in your life and more faith; remove things that are toxic to your faith and life; and Deeds feed  your faith.

It is what we do (deeds) that maintains stability in our lives.

It is our actions that give life to Faith. And it is Faith that Pleases God.


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