Power of The Word

One of the lessons I’ll never forget growing up was getting into an argument with a girl who had a quick, nasty, tongue.

She, for no reason, spewed out some nonsense statement about me and I was SO dumb as to answer her back.

She didn’t know me- I didn’t know her.

There were people around and I remember thinking, “I’m not going to let her insult me like that!” So I answered her back. Needless to say she crushed me with another retort- because, obviously, she was accustomed to that kind of nasty talk. It came easy to her.

As I walked away, feeling like a complete idiot, a friend I was with said, “Hannah, don’t ever get into arguments with fools. Because when you do you end up looking like one too!”

I remember feeling silly yet recognising that had I just let that girl talk and continued walking tall and proud she would’ve looked like the idiot- and I wouldn’t have ended up looking like a complete dud!

Even now, as a grown woman, I’ve encountered really mean spirited people who’ve said words that have really really hurt- mostly because some of these people are close to me. Few things hurt more than a person who’s supposed to love you crushing you with their words.

But putting all that aside- what I felt like saying was that the enemy is always trying to lure us into an argument with him about who we are.
I’ve realised it’s silly to get into those arguments because- yep! You got it! We end up looking like fools too!

The Scriptures tell us to “resist the devil” not to enter into arguments with him.

I’m finding that the most effective way to “resist” him is to focus on God’s truth about You and who You are in Him.

But instead, many of us hear a lie from the enemy and we toy with it. We analyse it. We call friends about it and seek the counsel of Dr Google.
We question the Truth we know and entertain the enemy’s lies.
No! That’s getting into an argument with the devil!

And because he’s mean spirited and has millenia of experience in being downright nasty, chances are you will lose in an exchange with him.

When he comes with a lie- recognise it’s him- stand on God’s Word and kick him out of your head with It!
Because the moment you start arguing and reasoning- he’s in- then it’s not so easy to get him out.
Guard your heart. Guard your head! Fill every part of you with God’s truth.
When Jesus was faced with the devil he didn’t get into long philosophical arguments with him- the devil said something- Jesus instantly responded with The Word. Finished.

We ought to respond the same.

Wishing You an Awesome, Word-Filled Day!

Much Love,

Hannah Yellow Couch Happy

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