The Reward of Waiting

It’s easy to encourage someone else to “wait for their Isaac.”
When we’re the ones having to do the waiting, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between doing it ourselves and producing children that, while born out of our own flesh and blood, are not the children God promised us.
Daddy promised us that His sheep know His voice- and another’s they would not follow.
One of the most difficult things I’m learning is to trust God’s direction when I hear Him- especially when what He’s telling me to do doesn’t make sense at that time.
It’s not always an easy thing waiting for God’s Isaac.
We have to believe though that God never tells us to wait in order to punish us or make life difficult- He tells us to wait because He sees ALL things-
My Spiritual Mom once told me: “Hannah we don’t have to know all things- He does and that’s enough for me.”
It’s through His Love and complete understanding of our situation that He advises us to wait- We have got to trust that even the wait is an expression of His Love for us.
The most freeing part is knowing it doesn’t have to make sense!
Everything God takes us through is because of His Love for us.
My Sister, My Brother, Dear Friend, Wait on the Lord. Don’t trust in your own understanding trust in His and Wait on Him.

Wait for the Lord

Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show 

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