Live Happy!

Your happiness matters. Being happy empowers you to live and love in ways you never have before-
It is a rich place of inspiration that empowers you to reach into yourself and go through every day doing something you absolutely believe in… something that will impact the lives of others in ways you’d never even dreamed possible.

My blog’s tagline is “Live Happy”
What a powerful statement!

God came on this earth so YOU would have an ABUNDANT Life!
Daddy God paid the price for you to be JOYFUL! Please don’t settle for less- Your Dad, Your God, paid SUCH an insanely HIGH price so you wouldn’t have to live miserable, abandoned and below your potential!
No! That is NOT your portion!

You are a child of the King, the Beloved of our Great Lord- You are HIGHLY favoured and so deeply cherished.

I’ve been at stages where I felt dead and empty inside- I had nothing to give other than bitterness- I oozed hurt and despair- so I can relate to the feeling of truly being down in the dumps…
No matter how impossible change seems- pray for it. Ask God to knock down doors for you- Shout out “Daddy I need to be HAPPY!”
Ask Him to make it possible for you to express your gifts and the talents He’s put inside you- You will never ever be happy doing things you loathe- doing what you love is such a vital key to happiness.

I am right there with you believing in the God who, WILL, and IS doing the impossible for me!

I’m also trusting God for insane blessings and the ability to do what I love on a BIGGER, GRANDER, platform- because blessing others makes me happy!

Don’t be shy to shout out (loud) what you desire- don’t be embarrassed by your crazy dreams or your outrageous ambitions.
Dream BIG! Dream BIG! Dream BIG!

I pray God would awaken your senses and remind you of what you truly love.
I pray that He would knock down doors for you, Part Great Seas and calm raging storms so that you would walk in the abundance He gave His life to give you.

I’m sending you love.

Do not neglect your gift


Hannah Viviers is the Host and Creator of the Dream BIG TV Show

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