Fans count… but not really

This morning I sent a few requests to potential guests for our Dream BIG TV Show.

They are individuals you probably haven’t seen on TV or heard on the radio- There aren’t plaques placed any where in their honour, no schools or roads named after them and yet their work is making a difference.

It’s quite remarkable how each of us has something spectacular to offer but sometimes we don’t realise just how inspiring our personal stories are.

We look at people like Richard Branson with a gazillion followers on Twitter and LinkedIn etc and somehow we feel, that, that’s success. And if that’s success then our achievements don’t really matter in the big scheme of things.

Did you send money back home for a sibling to finish school?
Did you get out of a situation that few managed to survive?
Did you raise incredible children on your own without any help?
Did you give a word of encouragement to someone who felt they’d lost their way?

Your success is not in numbers.

I know we all seek validation. Having a tremendous amount of fans makes us feel our work is worthwhile.

We may feel that the more people we have on our side the greater the meaning of our work- Nothing can be further from the truth.
Your life matters.

Those seemingly little things you do matter- even if they’re not shouted about on the mountain tops.

Hoards of people might not know who you are but there may be one individual whose life you touched and thus saved just by being you.

I know as a person who’s work is ALL about people and reaching them it’s hard to not get lured by the temptation to focus on numbers.

But I also know that that’s when it gets extremely easy to stop focusing on the “Why I started this”  to  “How many people can I get to buy into  this”.

The latter is about numbers. The former is about people. There’s a HUGE difference.

A friend reminded me a short while ago how lonely the road of meaningful work can be sometimes. I’m finding that I’m getting much done by making peace with that.

You started this (whatever this  means for you) because it mattered to you.

Fans count- if you’re in it for the fame. But if you’re in it to change lives- well that’s a different story.

If you can be so amazing just by being you- imagine how much more spectacular you’d be if you believed in the greatness within you and you pursued your dreams?

Go for it.
You’re just what we need!

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