Diary of a Loved Woman…

My husband can’t stand Josh Groban.

And yet little does he know that Josh is probably the only person alive who’s come close to describing what my husband’s love means to me. And how it inspires and empowers me.

There is something so… oh gosh what are the right words?… Mmmmm- there’s something so… spectacular about a loved woman that I wish it was more understood how a man’s love can empower a woman to be freaking AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And what is sometimes even less understood is how the man doing the loving becomes a king in the eyes of his woman and children.

There have been many times I’ve been approached by men, some dashing and gorgeous- others wealthy and powerful- others a combination of both- and here’s what I don’t even know how to articulate to them: No man I have ever come across could ever get piece of me while my guy still lives; because this guy has built me castles made of stuff you can’t buy, borrow or steal- this stuff is made from a humble heart that is merciful, gracious and kind.

My man built me castles with his own hands! How do you beat that!

I’m married to a king- what more could a girl ever wish for?

I mean if anyone else comes along what could they possibly propose or offer me that would supersede my current reign as queen of this yummy Knight and King who adores me so?

I was once called silly by another woman for serving my husband at a dinner we’d been invited to.

I guess the ladies who were appalled by my attitude of servitude to my Beau found it beneath a “grand” woman to stoop so low as to serve a man!

But how about people who are called to speak or sing or whatever else before royalty and heads of states?

How long do they brag about how they were called to “perform” before such great and respected beings?

So how could it be that I wouldn’t be just as proud to serve the king that happens to be (lucky me!!!) my very own husband!

King Arthur and his amazing-warrior knights of the round table have nothing  on my Man! Take that to the hall of fame!

In my culture we’re taught to kneel before our elders and especially before our men- it’s something I don’t do because I’m not keen on submitting to rules and regulations that don’t ring true in my heart- but I can say that no one has ever earned my respect to the point to where I’d gladly kneel before them the way my husband has.

Before we got married he told me I’d be the most beautiful bride- and I believe I was- but not because of the make-up or the dress or the hair- but because he had spoken those powerful words of beauty over me.

Hannah and Ric

Over the years he’s allowed himself to be the wall that protects me from the assaults of others. He’s been a safe place to hide when storms have hit.

He made me the happiest girl by giving me my beautiful children.

He’s championed my dreams and my exploits- Career wise I’m currently working on a project that has been a life-long dream- My Dream BIG TV Show– and in every interview I’ve had so far I look so gorgeous I could eat myself up! And when I look at how beautiful I am in those interviews and how elegantly I come across I can’t help but know that the beauty I exude is testament to my husband’s incredible love and devotion to and for me.

(You can view my latest gorgeous look here 🙂 )

I heard someone once say that when a woman is loved she grows more beautiful with each year that passes; I have found that to be true with me.

I have stretch marks from carrying my beautiful children but my husband calls them my battle scars and he’s encouraged me to carry them with pride- Come on people how can I not feel more beautiful now than I did before I had kids!

A wise woman advised me a while ago to make breakfast for my husband and pack him a good lunch for work as often as I can-

I’ve been advised many things about being a “good wife”- and to be honest all of those “tips” can be burdens, cumbersome, and pretty annoying to do-

But every morning I whip up a fab breakfast and pack a great meal for my guy not because I want to be a “good wife” but because he loves me!

There are few things a loved woman won’t do for her man.

We live in an age where we women can  do for ourselves.

We can work. And sometimes even earn more than our men. We can be in the boardroom and play with the Big Boys.

We definitely kick some serious butt in business to the point where global research tells us that women make far better leaders in business than men do.

Many of us have been accused of being wild firecrackers who can’t submit to our men.

We’re accused of thinking we’re better than men- so much so that some men won’t date or marry us because they’re intimidated by our power.

But there are some really (truly) powerful men, men of renown (like my guy), who’ve realised that the way to “tame” us is to love us. The way to put us in “our place” so we can serve our men is to put us on pedestals and empower us to reign in ALL our glory and power.

For the most part my husband just has to cough and I’m at his side pretty much asking “Pray tell my lord what would you have me do for you?”

He hasn’t gotten my utmost respect through attempts to rule me- I willing crowned him my king because he, over the years, laid himself down for me as a mere servant would.

When I started writing this- this thought hadn’t crossed my mind- but the more I write the more I realise that my husband has grown into a man who is truly loving me as Christ loved the church- Sorry I didn’t mean for this to be a sermon…

But yeah #WOW!

So yeah people- that’s my two cents- you can call it “Diary of a Loved Woman”…

I mentioned Josh Groban at the beginning-

I hope my husband doesn’t see this post because he’ll think it ultra corny. Hehehehehehehehe….

But here are a few lines  from Josh’s song that totally resonate with me about how my guy loves me:

“When You Say You Love Me”

…You say those words and my heart stops beating.

I wonder what it means.

What could it be that comes over me?

At times I can’t move.

At times I can hardly breathe.

When you say you love me
the world goes still, so still inside and
When you say you love me
For a moment, there’s no one else alive.

You’re the one I’ve always thought of.

I don’t know how, but I feel sheltered in your love.

You’re where I belong.

And when you’re with me, if I close my eyes,

there are times I swear I feel like I can fly

for a moment in time.
Somewhere between the Heavens and Earth,
and frozen in time,

Oh when you say those words…

…And this journey that we’re on…
How far we’ve come and I celebrate every moment.

And when you say you love me,
That’s all you have to say.

When you say you love me…

Do you know how I love you?

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