Detox Packages and Pricing

Gerson Approved Enema KIT (with catheter) – R1350 (Pricing is for the enema kit only and does not include consultation or detox coffee)

DIY Starter Kit R1970: Includes Gerson Approved Enema Kit, Detox Coffee, consultation on how to administer coffee enema and recommendation on  foods beneficial for detoxification. (We also provide information on foods not recommended during the detox process). 

The Complete DIY Detox Kit – R2600:     Includes a Gerson Approved Detox Enema Kit and Detox Enema (fully prepared) for 7 treatments, consultation on how to administer the coffee enema,  PLUS a 14 Day Juicing and Eating Plan AND weekly consultations valued at R700) during the detox program.

The VIP Premium Detox Package – R2970: Includes a detailed 30 Day Eating Plan with recipes, 7 Fully Prepared Detox Enemas, (PLUS detox coffee for another 7 treatments) and ongoing support and consultations throughout the 30 Day detox process.

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DISCLAIMER: This detox program is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding moms.

The recommendations provided are never to replace medical advice. Recommendations provided in my detox program and all accompanying material are intended ONLY as information and education and should NOT be taken as medical advice. If you’re seeking diagnoses, treatment, help and treatment for specific illnesses (medical conditions) please consult relevant health practitioners, be it a qualified natural medicine doctor (and other qualified nutrition therapists), doctor or equivalent health professional. Neither I nor the Publishers accept liability for those who choose to use my detox program and related material provided therein. Please consult your doctor before embarking on this detox program or making any changes to your diet, especially if you’re taking any medications.