Pay more insurance – I think not!

So my insurance company sends me an email the other day saying my car insurance is going up – and I’m like: huh? Why?

So I’ve heard that insurance companies say that even though the cost of your car decreases in value every year (every moment you have it actually) the cost of replacing it increases.

Anyway I don’t know much about this but I called my insurance company and said – “My car is worth less now than when I bought it – why, pray tell,  should I be paying more on my insurance?” I’d be lying if I told you what the insuarance agent said because I don’t remember.

Anyway I told them I was going to shop around for cheaper insurance because I didn’t feel I should be paying more insurance for reasons mentioned above.

Long story short – they recalculated my insurance and I didn’t have to pay the increase. In fact the recalculation worked out a tad cheaper than I was paying initially. I was quite proud of me for saving myself a few thousand bucks for the year- and all it took was a phone call.




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