Small is BIG in weight loss

One of the BIGGEST reasons people fail at losing weight is making BIG changes for a short period of time then going right back to old bad habits as soon as that short “period” is over.

You know the drill- New Year: Get a gym contract. Follow a diet. Workout vigorously… before long… crickets. And we’re right back to where we were before we made the massive changes.

I’m all for┬ábig changes- but they’re rarely sustainable.

If You get onto a weight loss regimen telling yourself it’s only for a short period of time (and then you’ll go right back to eating the way you used to): You. Will. Fail.

It’s a journey.

A journey of small changes.

Less sugar here. A little more body movement there. Saying no to seconds. Turning down the chocolate muffin. Repeat. Repeat. And then Repeat. Until those small changes are habit. And the habits become the new You.

You will never lose weight thinking the same way you always have.

Adapt a new way of thinking and You’ll birth a new body for yourself.

Anything less than that is a sure way to fail.