Are Detox Enemas Safe?

The two most commonly reported side-effects (though rare) of detox enemas are: an electrolyte imbalance which we counter with the freshly extracted juices.

The juices replenish the body with electrolytes lost during the detox enemas.
The juices also nourish the body with the precise nutrients it needs to build, repair and essentially self-heal.
The other, most commonly cited side-effect has been reported by people with pre-existing conditions such as hemorrhoids.
Personally, I’d be cautious with someone who has hemorrhoids. However someone I took through the detox plan had had hemorrhoids for years.
During their detox enemas they did experience slight bleeding. They decided to continue with the program and told me that the remarkable results and benefits they experienced far outweighed the minor bleeding they had from the hemorrhoids.
Some practitioners recommend continuing with the treatment even in people with hemorrhoids
as they believe the detoxing would eventually be beneficial in even treating the hemorrhoids.
They recommend to only discontinue the use of detox enemas if there’s significant bleeding.
I’m a lot more cautious and would probably not be keen to take on someone with a history of hemorrhoids.
Like I said, the person who went through the detox with me and had hemorrhoids chose to go on with the process regardless and say they’re super glad they did.
It’s a personal decision.
For people who’ve had any kind of surgery on their colon or some serious medical condition with that region in their system, I would not take on- as those would most likely require approaches my detox plan does not cover.
Cleansing the body using a nutrition packed eating plan and coffee enemas has been a method that’s been used for decades.
There is documented research on the efficacy of this approach.
Dr Lawrence Plaskett who’s institute teaches Natural Medicine uses this approach and has conducted much research.
He is not alone.

Even Hippocrates, deemed the Father of Modern Medicine prescribed detox enemas as part of his treatment of patients.

I’ve seen plenty of articles that oppose detoxing, or even detox enemas.
The articles I’ve read, were written by authors who seemed to share second-hand information but hadn’t actually experienced the detox process or ever used detox enemas themselves before.
I’ve met a number of people who’ve used this detox method, and never come across anyone who’s done it and had negative experiences.
The only thing I’ve come across so far is the person I had who’d had the hemorrhoids- but even they chose to stick with the program and reported remarkable results.
Everyone I’ve personally spoken to whose embarked on a detox journey using these methods raves about the incredible impact it made on their health.
People differ, so do experiences, so again I cannot guarantee what the results would be for various individuals.
Most natural methods of healing, which this is, have a long, long, history of coming under attack.
I believe it’s simply because, if people could get better by such simple methods, what use would we have of, often expensive, drugs made in labs?
If we could experience a shift in the way we eat and eat less of the junk that makes us overweight and causes a plethora of health problems that eventually need to be medicated- it’s a challenge to some very powerful institutions.
I believe that, with this in mind, the negative press is bound to be there to “debunk” the efficacy of natural methods such as these.
As mentioned, I cannot guarantee the absolute safety of my detox plan-
I guess we could, in the same breath say that no drug that has been tested repeatedly can promise absolute safety either.
Prescription drugs and even over-the-counter medications come with long lists of ALL the side-effects that could arise from using them.
Some even cite death as a side-effect. (I was horrified to learn that!)
I was watching a piece on TV that reported the THOUSANDS of deaths that occur annually in the US as a result of people taking prescription medication precisely as their doctors had advised them to.

I’m not against the medical industry at all!

¬†God’s blessed us with great minds in that field that I’ve personally benefited from- and millions of people around the world benefit from as well. ¬†Including saving lives on a DAILY basis!
This is just to say that nothing humans produce or do can be 100% guaranteed.
All I can say is that the detox enemas are natural.
The food we recommend is as natural as can be as it consists primarily of fruit and veg.
The supplements we recommend for the program are plant-based and have decades of research to back their benefits and efficacy.

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