Don’t Underestimate Love

Today we flooded our Dream BIG Facebook Page with Mark Cuban quotes.

You can see them here

I read a few of Mark’s articles this morning.

Some spoke about doing what You love and others about following your gut and not doing things for the sake of popularity.

It’s interesting that most of our lives we’re taught to do things that we “have to do” and not so much things we love to do.

Through out school we’re forced to participate in courses and activities we have no interest in.

Rarely, as we’re preparing for the journey of our lives, are we asked: “What do you really really  love to do?”

Eventually we stop asking it of ourselves.

Eventually we found ourselves utterly depressed, lost and so confused because the lives we have now are so very far from what our hearts had always desired.

The great and amazing news is that you can  still go after your dreams.

You can  still do the things you desired as a child.

Even if no one asked you what you loved- ask it of yourself now.

And… Have the courage to explore the answer you may receive.

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