Did You know they’re waiting for You?


Almost every day- there’s someone God sends my way to minister to.

It was never something I set out to do-

One day I started writing- that writing took form-

I didn’t have an audience-

I was posting stuff on my blog and Facebook Page- both had zero followers when I started-

every now and then I’d get one “Like” on something I’d written- 

I kept writing because it wasn’t the response I was after- it was that I – Needed – to – do – this.

Somehow my scribbles begun to resonate with the few folks who read them…

Ever now and, a  l o n g  after, then- someone would write to me- telling me how much they appreciated my posts-

I begun to receive emails like:

“You have no idea what reading your articles have meant to me this year- they’re what carried me through…”

And I was like, Really? 

On one hand it was hard to believe because, c’mon these were just the scribbles of a stay-at-home mom sharing her thoughts, here and there…

But then on the other hand I was like, of course this will have an impact- because it’s God. 

I’m not sharing this to brag-

I’m sharing this to ask You-

Who is waiting at the end of your gift?

There will never be a “right time” to release what God’s put on the inside of You.

You will never have all the resources required to fulfill God’s call on your heart- You will always always need to exercise faith- and a huge part of that exercise is taking the first step.

Social Media has given us opportunity to reach out and minister to people like never before!

I’m constantly amazed at how little, folks use Social Media to minister and reach out to people…

These platforms are not just for the wonderful T.D. Jakes and Joyce Meyers of this world – they are also for You and I who are also called according to God’s purpose.

What I continue to see on a regular basis is that people are hurting-

seeking for someone who’ll show them The Answer.

The reason I’m so very, extremely, passionate about telling stories is I’ve experienced how testimonies impact people!

While I was preparing for The Beautiful Series Event- I cannot tell you how many women wept through telling me what they were going through-

One young woman, from KZN, wrote to me about how far she’d strayed from God- she was in a terribly abusive relationship and was seriously contemplating ending her life because, as she wrote to me, nothing made sense anymore!

I’d never spoken to this young woman- never met her- yet she told me that a friend of hers had shared one of my posts and that’s how she’d seen a piece I’d written.

I poured my heart out to this young woman- reminding her who she was in God- telling her that I could still hear that she knew that she had a purpose on this earth… I said so many things- and I believe that our connection was definitely something God needed me to partner with Him on.

I believe that’s all of us.

Your thing might not be writing-

Maybe for you God’s placed on your heart to start a cycling club with kids…

Instead of worrying about where you’ll cycle or where the bikes will come from- just start by accepting your assignment.

God asked you because you love this- you love kids and… it’s time.

He’ll provide everything else- All He needs is a Yes from You!

I am convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that every person reading this knows what God wants you to partner with Him on. And it’s been nagging at you to do it-

You’ve given so many “reasons” why you’re not doing it- but in your heart dear friend- you know all those reasons are excuses.

Because it’s scary to step out into what God wants us to do.

Sometimes it feels uncomfortable and inconvenient.

But you will never know joy in all it’s fullness- the kind God wants you to enjoy if You don’t answer the call.

Nothing you do is “little”- the enemy might discourage you saying things like, “how on earth will that impact someone’s life?” 

But God loves small things! Because in them He shows His might, splendour and glory!

So jump!

Am I saying be reckless? Abandon all caution! Be utterly naive and just do it?

Yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying.

Because the moment you begin to ask questions- you’ve already decided you won’t go all in.

Please don’t quit your jobs! (Unless God expressly tells you so)…

But be honest. Sit with God and let Him tell You what’s on His heart for You.

Stop running away.

You have no idea who’s waiting for You to minister to them.

This is not for the selected few.

It’s for all of us who’ve called on The Beautiful Name of Jesus and call Him our God.

I send You Love,





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