That Odd Place Called “Transition”

Recently various people have been speaking with me about going through an “odd” time in their lives.

I recognise it because I’ve been through it too: Transition.
Transition is an odd place. A very odd place.
It’s neither Here nor There- it’s just… blah.
It can also be uncomfortable mainly because it’s uncertain, new, territory.
You‘re going through transition when you don’t want to be where you are but you‘re also not sure of where you‘re going.
Sometimes the Transition happens out of choice, other times purely as a result of circumstances beyond your control.
My transition was a hard one. Feeling torn between what I really really REALLY wanted to do and what I felt I had  to do.
But in all of this, especially if you too are going through transition, what’s crucial to remember is that God Loves You. And He’s with you in and during this period.
In the past two weeks various people have sent me the same verse, Jeremiah 29:11 where God says: “I know the plans I have for You…”
The first time, it was my friend Antonette Hardy who sent this Scripture to me. I wanted to weep. In fact I did. It was what I really needed that morning.
I think in my heart I was crying, “Lord You do?”
It sounds bizarre that I asked God that but I felt overwhelmed by all that was on my plate.
But God did. And He does Know.
A few days later someone else sent that same Scripture to my phone. It happened again a few days after that.
I knew then God was saying something to me, “Hannah, I KNOW the plans I Have for You…”
I’ve seen God’s Beautiful, Powerful Hand on my life many many many times- and yet there are times when I still go through periods when it’s really hard to trust His Plans. One of THE most difficult prayers for me to pray is: “Daddy God, YOUR Will…”
And yet, His Will is the Safest to be. And the most Peaceful.
Have a great Day! 
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