Even the Closed door is a blessing

Photo taken by Laura Musikanski
Photo taken by Laura Musikanski


‘I’m tired of the “Almost”!’

I whined to my husband.

(This was just a few days ago by the way).

He was talking to me about how he was experiencing tremendous favour since he decided to, as the Scriptures say, establish his heart in God’s favour.

I told him I wanted to see some of that favour manifest in my project.

I didn’t mean to be sarcastic- I truly was frustrated!

The Backstory

I’ve been having some high-level meetings for a project I’ve been working on for the past three years.

I had tremendous breakthrough not so long ago- after three years of trudging and dragging along- people, key people, were beginning to listen to what I’d been trying to say all this time!

I was getting meetings- But I felt things were not happening as speedily as I wanted them to.

“Think of where you were this time last year,” my husband reminded me.

He was right. I was literally light years away from there!

“But,” I whined on, ‘I still feel as though I’m just missing the mark! I’m tired of getting the meetings but not closing the deal!”

“But I see that as a blessing!” My husband answered, without skipping a single beat.

“Even the No’s I consider God’s favour!” He went on.

“I see the closed doors to be as much of a blessing as the doors that open because You don’t know what God’s protecting you from when He closes a door.

The right people will partner with you on this. You just have to keep at it and don’t get discouraged!”

My Husband should actually be writing this post- the crux of what he was saying to me was simply this,

thank God for the doors He closes.

And don’t get discouraged.

Don’t give up!

Keep knocking on those doors.

Keep telling your story.

It’s the only way you’ll find the people who are meant to partner with you on this journey.

Much Love,


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